Order of Were

Adam Zhou is a young man of 18, he just recently turned that age and now his friend Gary is excited. Adam is now at the correct age to show his true form, to show just how lunar reactive he is...


2. Meet Alabaster

"Now, Alabaster, you are only called Alabaster when you're in your fox form, any other time you will be referred to as Adam," Painite said with a kind smile. "Now, this concludes our ceremony, you are now free to wander about the compound, and remember to stop by the mess hall. Tonight's special is spaghetti! And Adam, follow me, you can come along too, Gravel"


Alabaster looked beside him, Gravel had changed to a wolf like person, his fur was reddish brown and his eyes were glowing yellow.

"Let's go, Alabaster," Painite said, Alabaster followed quickly in his wake. They walked down a long corridor, doors lined the hallway, each had someone's name. 


They continued walking until they reached an unmarked door, Painite removed a small slip from his pocket. It was a sticker, it bore his new name, Alabaster. Painite removed the backing and placed it on his door. How Painite knew his name beforehand was beyond him.

"This is your new room, you'll have time to decorate it later. Here's the key," Painite handed him a small key with a number that matched a large number on the top of the door. "As for now, we should go to the mess hall for supper, I don't know about you two but I'm starving." 

Painite, Alabaster, and Gravel continued walking down the hall until they reached a large room with tables everywhere. People were bustling around the place and sat everywhere, some even sat in the floor and talked with other people. They were all various animals, like the people that were in the crowd.

"Let's get a plate!" Painite walked over to a large opening in the wall where a man stood behind the counter, he wore an apron and a hairnet on his head, which was strange since he was completely covered in hair anyway.

"Hey, Painite, nice t' see ya!" he said.

"You too, Basalt, I imagine the spaghetti is lovely as usual"

"Ya bet it is, P, th' sauce is a wee bit thicker though, I added more tomato this time,"

"Sounds divine," Basalt poured pasta onto Painite's plate and then sauce, it smelled heavenly to Alabaster. Basalt did the same with him and Gravel. They followed Painite, who sat in a corner on the floor, Alabaster and Gravel sat next to him. 

Alabaster was starving, his took his fork and twirled the pasta around it. He took a bite, it was the best thing he had tasted in a very long time. Painite, Gravel and Alabaster ate in silence, once Alabaster was finished he walked over and handed his plate to Basalt.

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked.

"It was amazing, Basalt!" 

"Please, call me Bas," Basalt said with a huge smile.

"Sure, Bas," Alabaster and Bas laughed. Alabaster walked back to where Gravel and Painite were now sitting. They had finished their food and were talking about something in hushed tones.

"Hey, guys, I'm gonna go to my room, is that fine?" Alabaster asked, interrupting their conversation accidentally.

"Sure, sure, Alb, I'm gonna sit and talk to Gravel, you can go to sleep, I'll instruct you further tomorrow," Painite said, thankfully not angry.

"Goodnight, Alabaster," Gravel said, he waved. Alabaster walked out of the cafeteria and towards his room. Many of the other residents of the place had already retired to bed and the hallway was eerily quiet. 

Alabaster found his room, the burnished brown door with a copper handle that bore his new name.  He retrieved his brass key and pushed it into the lock. It fit like a glove, he turned it and opened the door. 

The room itself was near empty. There were two beds, two nightstands with lamps and two dressers. Alabaster had the sneaking suspicion that he was going to be paired with someone soon. He closed the door and locked it behind him, he climbed into bed and sighed. The bed was surprisingly soft, he felt instantly at peace. He started to run things through in his mind, the fact that he now had paws, fur, and a freaking tail ran through his mind like wildfire suddenly. He sat up and looked around, on one wall was a mirror. 

He turned on the lamp and darted over to the mirror. He looked at himself, gazing at his new body. He opened his mouth and looked at his teeth first, they were sharp and canine-like. His eyes didn't feel like his eyes, it felt like a stranger was staring at him. He backed away slightly and looked over the rest of his body, he had sharp claws, thick fur, a large snout, a small tail and his ears had shifted to large, triangular-shaped ones. 

He fell back onto the bed, why did I have to meet Gravel? 

He thought about Gravel and how they had met back in high school, it was a long ways back in high school. 

 As he remembered, he slowly fell asleep as the moon set and his body reverted to normal.

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