Order of Were

Adam just turned 18 about a week ago. Now he's in the middle of a compound full of... creatures.



1. Meet Adam

Adam Zhou stood on the sidewalk, the cool autumn air blew heavily, knocking his hair against his face. Adam cared about his hair, it was black and spiked. The tip of each spike was tipped with an electric green hue and fit him well. Adam pulled a comb from his bag and tried to fix his hair the best he could. He looked in a puddle, the light from the streetlamp allowed him to see his reflection, he had fixed his hair, he now stared at his face, his sandy-colored skin was illuminated by the streetlamp, making it sort of orange-y.

Adam began to walk down the street and eventually down an alley. He was to meet someone at midnight, someone who would take him away.

"Hello, Adam" a voice eminated from the dark alley, a figure stepped from the darkness. It was a man, his face was shrouded by the dark, Gary or as he liked to be called when he was like this, Gravel. 

"Adam, I've been expecting you, what took you so long?" he asked, he was smoking a cigarette. He suddenly flicked it on the ground and stomped it.

"I got caught up in some stuff" Adam said. Gravel chuckled.

"Now that you're here, we can get going" 


"To your initiation, follow me"

Gravel stepped back into the darkness, Adam followed, the alley was much longer than he had thought. He saw Gravel's silhouette ahead of him, other than that, nothing else. 

Adam saw a light ahead and Gravel picked up his pace.

"We must hurry, the full moon only happens once a month" Gravel said, Adam followed along quicker until they reached a large area that was really open and pitch black.

"Where are we, Gravel?"

No answer.


Lights suddenly lit up the area, he realized where he was.

Adam was in the center of a stage, a large audience sat directly in front of him, there had to be at least one hundred people in this audience. They cheered for him, they wooped and hollered. To the side of Adam stood a man, he was rather tall. His red hair and freckles stood out from his very pale skin. Gravel was suddenly next to Adam, he bowed to the red-headed man, Adam did the same.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and other variations thereof, welcome to the Ceremony of Were." the man said, "My name is Painite, the leader of the Order of Were!"

The crowd cheered and quickly went silent, 

"Now, it is time once again to initiate a new member into our organization." he said and turned to Adam. "Meet Adam Zhou, he's just turned 18 this month, which means that tonight's full moon will transform him. Let's all watch in anticipation as the clock strikes 12!"

Painite pointed towards a large clock on the wall behind them, it was nearing midnight quickly, only a few more minutes until Adam would transform and his life would change forever.

Gravel piped up and leaned in close to Adam.

"Don't be afraid, everything's gonna be okay" he whispered, Adam still felt nervous. The seconds hand on the clock reached the 9 and the crowd, including Painite, began counting down.

"15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10..." 

Adam broke out in a cold sweat, he wanted to just run away but he couldn't, if he did... he didn't know and definitely didn't want to find out. 

"...5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." the clock struck twelve and Adam fell to the floor. His body hurt, it felt like hands were moving over him and molding him like putty. He felt... good, actually, he felt amazing. His body stopped hurting and he was able to now stand. The first thing he looked at was the crowd, they had all turned into humanoid animals. Some looked like animals he knew, some were... different. Adam felt cold, he looked at his hands. They had turned paw-like and now were covered in soft black fur. 

"As we can see, it seems that our young Adam here is a fox, more specifically, a black furred fox. Very rare indeed." Painite stood beside him now, he looked much different. His red hair had completely covered him now, his ears were now on the top of his head and antlers grew from beside his ears. He was a deer, more specifically a buck.

"And... he has neon green coloring on the tips of his hair, very unusual, is your hair dyed, Adam?" he asked, Adam felt nervous.

"Yes, I dye it green usually" his throat felt weird, like out of place and broken. His voice was on a slightly lower octave.

"Well, I guess I hadn't noticed it before, what with all the dark lighting" Painite said with a grin, "Now, your initiation begins, it really isn't that difficult. All you have to do is choose a name from this hat" 

Someone ran over and handed Painite a hat, a hat full of slips of paper. The person ran off as Painite thrust the hat towards him. 

"Close your eyes and choose a slip of paper" Painite said, Adam closed his eyes and reached into the hat. He shuffled around the papers and chose one. He pulled it out and Painite took it from him.

"Let's see here," he unfolded the paper. "Ladies, Gentleman, and variations thereof, I would like to announce the name of our new member, everyone meet Alabaster!"


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