Blood is supposedly thicker than water!

A family split into two, due to an event which caused people to take sides. Event though the event should have only ended with one side. Being broken by those who have sided with the guilty party, Anna is left broken and scared.


3. Sunny Cyprus

Hey D!!

Sunny Cyprus is amazing!!!

Sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. Its peaceful and calm. I have nothing to worry about out here. Met so many nice people, actually missing them already even though they went home yesterday. I have done so many fun things these last 11 days but it’s coming to an end!! Should be back in the shit hole of my own town by 5 am Sunday morning. I don't want to go home but I have too, everything has to go back to some normality at some point. I know it’s going to be hard cause of the court date looming nearer!! I try not to think about it but I can’t stop myself! I saw someone that looked just like him and it made my skin crawl and I wanted to be sick. I know being on holiday was supposed to take my mind off it but it kinda hasn't because daft little things such as when we were playing water polo there is this man who acts like he gropes children. This down to him choosing a certain child to drown, touch or pick up if they have the ball or not. It’s creepy and I swear it’s just that generation that are not right in the head.

I am trying not to think about it cause it upsets and angers me. I can’t wait to go home because I will get to see Ryan I need a massive hug.

Went out for the day yesterday it was really good, had a lot of fun! We went on a jeep safari!! Even though I thought we were going to die thanks to the driver we survived! We went and saw loads of different places we never normally see and it was one of my highlight of the holiday so far. I was a little disappointed, I never saw the baby turtles hatching but seeing all the nests was amazing. Anyone who witnesses it is very lucky. Being back in Cyprus this year feels as though we were never away. Everything is how I remember it apart from the 5* hotel next door. Paphos is such a lovely place, calm, peaceful and relaxing.


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