Blood is supposedly thicker than water!

A family split into two, due to an event which caused people to take sides. Event though the event should have only ended with one side. Being broken by those who have sided with the guilty party, Anna is left broken and scared.


5. Bombshell day

Hey D,

It's, only me, guess it’s time take my anger out in you. To be honest I'm not sure where to start. Well I got my exam results today, didn't do too bad I passed everything but I got a C in English I got a bloody C. I honestly can’t believe it!! All that hard work play off. Next step for me is A2 then hopefully Uni. To be honest I can’t wait. I had a good day up until this afternoon. Guess I will start from the beginning.

Met with Ryan, Jack and Emily today, and you know what I had an amazing time. First time out of the house properly on my own without my mam in a long time. We went for celebratory pizza at pizza hut. BBQ chicken pizza was amazing followed by a few games back at Jacks house, before I headed home. Decided it was time I rang Julie to let her know how counselling was going. Well that’s what I thought it would only be about. I guessed wrong, by the tone in her voice I could tell something was wrong. Julie turned round and said “will be at your house for 6.30 tell your parents I have something to tell you”

6.30 arrived and there she was with chief police inspector PC Paul. Know I was starting to worry. Mam invites them in and Julie makes herself comfortable on the couch next to me. That the start of the BOMB SHELL. Just so you know she starts what I’m about to say is going to cause some conflict and hurt, please don’t shoot the messenger. That’s when I knew what was coming. Julie explains how the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided to drop all charges and discontinue the case against WILLIAM. I’m stunned and shocked and completely freeze. This time I manage to snap out of it and reply “YOU WHAT” starting to raise my voice. I completely break down and tears and adrenaline take over.

WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? Is all that was going through my head? I can’t cope I have to go I have to get out of this room filled with hatred and anger. I run to my room stomping up every step of the staircase. Slam the door and hide under the bed. I can feel it my mind working overtime and starting to fade back into a flashback


Walking through my grandad’s house I’m already scared from the last time.

I walk into the living room. Sit on the chair next to his, until he pats his knee come give me a cuddle you beautiful young lady. My stomach churns. Sit on his knee and his hands starts creep closer and closer to my crotch. ‘NO’ I protest. ‘What are you doing’?

“Just relax” he mutters, “now take down your trouser…”

“No I will not!!!”

“DO IT” he protested.

“No this is not right just let me go.”

“You will take your trousers down” he insisted.

Starting to freeze as stiff as a board, he starts to undo my belt.


Snapping out of the flash back both, my door flings open rushing in my room, my mam and Julie exchanged worried glances. They both kneeled in front of me, tears streaming from my eyes. Why did have to be released I’m scared and know I don’t feel safe.

“He doesn’t deserve to be walking these, streets but Anna you need to promise me something you are not going to do anything stupid.” Julie begged. “I am going to make sure he doesn’t try to make any contact with you what so ever.”

“I know but WHY? I just don’t understand and I promise I won’t do anything”


So D, as you can this is upsetting me writing this. But that’s the day I had I’m full of so much anger and have lost all faith within the legal system; I’m never going to get justice now.


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