The lonely girl

This is a collection of poems..
The poems will be about my own feelings/thoughts and what I've been through in my life with self harm, suicide thoughts etc. So if you don't want to read about stuff like that then don't read this collection of poems.


9. The boy

I met this guy online

Kinda just want him to be mine

Is this for real? Is it love I feel?

Of course it is!

I really want this!

My biggest wish is to meet this guy

Now you'll probably just ask "why?"

But you just don't understand

I really wanna hold his hand

He make me fall in love every day

But don't worry, it is okay

I know it's not just a game

Cus' we both feel the same

I don't want this to end

Cus' he's more than just a friend

I just want him to hold me close

Maybe even give me a rose

Get him to tell me

How much he loves me

Cus' with him is where I wanna be

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