The lonely girl

This is a collection of poems..
The poems will be about my own feelings/thoughts and what I've been through in my life with self harm, suicide thoughts etc. So if you don't want to read about stuff like that then don't read this collection of poems.


5. Suicide

Is the time right?

Cus' I can no longer fight

I wanna disappear

I'm so sorry my dear

I'm broken inside

I'm sorry that I lied

This place isn't good for me

It isn't here I'm meant to be

You never hear me cry

Or know I really wanna die

I just wanna give up

Just make my heart stop

I wanna be at a better place

A place where I can't see your face

When you know what's true

Don't worry, you'll make it through

And every night I pray

For just one better day

So I can enjoy being alive

Of course I wanna survive

But it is so hard

When I don't have the right card

I see suicide as my last chance

Please just one last dance

But it's no longer the same

This time I'm the one to blame

I only feel hate

I'll no longer wait

So tell me, is it now?

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