The lonely girl

This is a collection of poems..
The poems will be about my own feelings/thoughts and what I've been through in my life with self harm, suicide thoughts etc. So if you don't want to read about stuff like that then don't read this collection of poems.


3. Just an ordinary day

"What do you expect me to do?

And you want me to be who?" 

That is what I'm thinking

And you're just standing there blinking

You don't know how much it hurts

You only see me wearing black shirts

You don't know what's on my mind

You only see me as nice and kind

I have the most depressing thoughts in my head

Sometimes I just want to be dead

And I just can't sleep at night

Cus' I believe that the things you say are right

I hate myself everyday

For believing the words they say

"You think you're good at that stuff?

Ha! You'll never be good enough!"

I'm going home and cry

And thinking "why?"

What have I done

That is so wrong?

I'll probably never know

And I just want you to go

Leave me alone for the rest of my life

Or next time I'll maybe use the knife

Nobody knows how far this will go

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