The lonely girl

This is a collection of poems..
The poems will be about my own feelings/thoughts and what I've been through in my life with self harm, suicide thoughts etc. So if you don't want to read about stuff like that then don't read this collection of poems.


12. Dear old friend

Hello my old friend - welcome back

Now my thoughts are returning to black

Everything is like before

I'm back at the bathroom floor

The bad things are back in my mind

And now I just want to find

My dear old friend

And some time we'll spend

To get back to the old days

In many, many ways

It's because of this one guy

That I'm feeling this high

Feeling ready to die

Even though I cry

A new year doesn't mean a new start

I still have a broken heart

I don't even know what to do

Only that I would like to say "screw you"

You're the reason to all this

And I just really miss

The friendship we once had

Now I just feel really bad

I mean, now I'm depressed

I remember, when you were the best

I really miss you

I hope you miss me too



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