The lonely girl

This is a collection of poems..
The poems will be about my own feelings/thoughts and what I've been through in my life with self harm, suicide thoughts etc. So if you don't want to read about stuff like that then don't read this collection of poems.


8. Alone again..

That was another cut on my wrist

Getting the thought "why do I still exist?"

I'm walking down the street

In a dress and bare feet

On my way home from the club

The party just won't stop

It's just another day alone

And no one picks up their phone

I'm used to this

I'm not on anyone's list

Everybody is better without me

Think about how it would be

If you were alone through the night

Would it ever feels right?

Nobody understands how it is

And that's why I cut my hips

I don't know if I'm strong

But what have I done wrong?

Why is this happening to me?

Why can't I just be free

For all the stuff you put me through?

I wish I could say "screw you"

Then I would be just fine

So when is it my time to shine?

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