"brace yourself, this is going to be one
hell of a bumpy ride."

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1. chapter one

'listen, it's not that-"

"mum, you're making me move to another country. America. we are leaving for AMERICA."

"sweetheart, your friends are waiting for you downstairs, now, pack your things, we're leaving."

"why? it's not fair!"

"loose the attitude. where is your bag?"

"downstairs, mum."

"go and see your friends but be quick, I'll be waiting in the car."

"fine."I mumbled, kicking the door open and stumbling downstairs to see my two bestfriends.

"hey, it won't be that bad, y'know. hot sun."

"don't listen to him. it's going to be fine, okay. no more bullies."

"I guess."I smiled tearfully.

"look on the bright side. new clothes, no braces, new people and nice weather."

"but I'm gonna miss you guys so-"

"nadia! hurry up, get in the car!"yelled my mother.

"I've gotta go. I love you both!"

"love you."they chorused waving me off. I grabbed my phone off the worktop table, took one last look at the empty room, hopped into the car and slept.


"nadia, wake up! we're here. we're at the airport, wake up!"

"why did you name me nadia, mum, it's stupid."

"stop whining and smile."


"hey, I'll make you a deal, if you stop looking like you want to kill yourself, then I'll give you some money towards some new stuff, okay?"

"okay, thanks. now all my problems are solved. I said sarcastically plastering a fake smile to my face.


'FLIGHT L679 now boarding.'

I stared down at my fuzzy grey jumper and sighed.

"I said happy. Not clinically depressed."

"where's Alison?"

"at the villa."

'last calls for FLIGHT L679'

"help with these suitcases?"

I nodded and began clambering up the stairs to our plane on the runway.

Goodbye London.


This is a really crap chapter, I'm sorry. But trust me on this book. Please love it. I love you.

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