My bestfriend

Based on the truth story that I couldn't tell anyone. So i just write it here ....


1. Description


- Leenda's she was came from a normal family. But because her mom wanted her to study in a good quality of school. So her mom decided to let her change the school. But she doesn't really want to change because of the family problem. And then she changed the school, lots of rich people in that school and she also pretend to be rich. She was a really really quite at first, she won't talk to other people first if they didn't get to move the first step. There's a guy very very friendly and very talkative also with the stranger. She doesn't like people that like to tease much and she hate him and then after 3 months she just realized that she was falling for him.

-Rain was avery very friendly guy but get shy when it comes to the place where people got serious or talking about love. He never date anyone but doesn't mean that he doesn't have a crush but because of the shyness. He likes to tease people and say something stupid to make it funny. And then one day he was very sure that he have to confess but still not that brave until his friend help him.

-karolin she's leenda bestfriend her first bestfriend ever. She very friendly and trust people easily until she get to knows leenda. She was a bestfriend for leenda about one year and then she moved to australia to study abroad.

-eric was rain bestfriend, and they get close to each other almost one year too. He was a very young but look old guy. And he was very handsome and clever guy. Most of the girl fallin for him.


Leenda was moved to the new class and the class was so fucked up to the new student . After long time the girl in the class started to close with leenda and even the guy. Because of some small problem leenda was fought with the guy because of they want to be cool and act strong. And then she was falling in love with him but her heart was broken evenmore because she cant even look and talk to her crush and its hurt so so bad. One day her bestfriend is gonna leave to study abroad soon and then she says i want you guys to talk with eachother back, the class that been so fun and the most talkative are not talking anymore that is not a good problem. My last wish is to make you guys talk. And then they are good together and even more closer but then she heard that her crush is loving her bestfriend.

So what will happen between leenda and bestfriend??


Sorry !!! I am not good in grammar, so if can please correct me or forgive me .

( based on the truth story )

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