Oh Hey Hemmings

She never expected that the boy of her dreams would like her, especially since he's 2 years older than her. That's until it actually happens.


4. 4. Kevin

Luke's POV

I wait outside the school building for Skylar to come out. I look around the corner and there she is. Standing there with her brown,silky hair, laughing and smiling with her friends. I walk over to her and her friends stare at me like their gonna kick my ass or something.

"You ready?", I asked, ignoring the looks her friends were giving me.

"Yup" she replied, grabbing her bag off the floor.

We walked to the mall since it was really close by. On the way we were just making small talk. Damn she was gorgeous. 

Skylar's POV

"Wanna watch a movie?" I hear him ask 

"Yea sure".

We go get the tickets to watch Paper Towns along with popcorn and drinks.

During the movie I felt Luke's eyes on me and it made me feel special, unless he was just staring at my popcorn. We walk out the movie theatre and there I see him.


Him as in Kevin.

Kevin as in... that jerk.

"Um Luke, can we go" I ask trying to sound polite.

"Yea sure, are you okay?" he asks looking at the emotionless expression on my face.

"Yea I'm fine we just need to go".

He takes the lead and I follow behind him.

"Skylar? Is that you?" I hear behind me.


I turn around and there Im facing Kevin. I don't even bother to make eye contact with him after what he did. I can feel that evil smerk he has on me.

"Who are you" Luke asks standing up straight. Damn. He's tall.

"I'm Kevin, Skylar's boyfriend." he says still with that smerk on his face.

Luke's mouth seperates a bit.

"Ex boyfriend". I corrected.

"Whatever love, I'll see you soon" Kevin says walking away.

"What the hell was that about" Luke asks curiously.

"Lets go".

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