Oh Hey Hemmings

She never expected that the boy of her dreams would like her, especially since he's 2 years older than her. That's until it actually happens.


3. 3. Hanging Out

Skylar's POV

It's now Friday, and let me tell you, I really need this weekend. School is so much stress. Nothing that interesting happened between me and Luke, but we have been talking quite a bit. Just small talk, and getting to know each other. I haven't told my friends about him yet because I don't want to get my hopes up about something that might even happen, and to be honest, I don't even know what that something is.


I go through the same routine, grabbing my backpack and nature valley, and heading out the door. When I arrive at school I rush to my lockers, making sure I get there before the high schoolers. It's not that I'm avoiding Luke.. it's just that... I'm basically avoiding Luke. I'm just scared I might fuck up and... I don't even know anymore.


I put in my locker combination, putting my books away and also grabbing my English binder for next period. I walk back down the stairs, and phew. I made it without seeing any high schoolers.


I walk to my English class and listen to the teacher ramble about some stupid assignment thats due in a month, but to be honest I'll probably do it the day before.


I quickly stop by my locker to put away my books so I don't have to worry about being late to class later. I close my locker door and who do I see standing there?

Of course. Luke. 
"Hey Skylar" he says making eye contact with me

"Oh hey".

"So I was wondering, if you don't have anything do you wanna hang out today? Maybe go to the mall?"he asks with some confidence.

Then a fucking smile had to appear on my face, I probably seemed like a desperate puppy looking at a bone.

"Yea, I don't think I have anything planned for today". I said seeming like I'm a pretty busy person, even though I'm a loner who watches netflix and eats pizza on a typical Friday night.

"Great" he said smiling. "I guess I'll just find you after school?". 

I nod.

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