Oh Hey Hemmings

She never expected that the boy of her dreams would like her, especially since he's 2 years older than her. That's until it actually happens.


2. 2. Afterschool

Luke's POV

Damn. That Skylar girl, she was... shy... and really pretty.. I don't know I guess.. it was just something about her. I honestly felt good for standing up for her, why am I even thinking about her? She probably already forgot my name. I'm new to this school so she probably has no idea who the fuck I am. The girls talking crap about her said she was in 8th grade though. How is that possible? She seemed so...mature, grown up. 

I spent the day checking out what my classes were like, a bunch of girls were flirting with me (not to sound cocky) but I didn't pay attention. There was only one girl that was currently on my mind.

*time passes*

It was the end of the day and I had to stay till 5 after school for my little sister's soccer practice. I walked out the school building and just chilled on a bench, the school was like a ghost town, empty. I play on my phone a bit, to be honest.. trying to find that Skylar girl on facebook. I find my school's facebook and see a familiar name. 

"Skylar Mccallister"

What the fuck Luke, your just being creepy.

I close my phone and look up to see a girl. She's sitting at a table in the distance but I can't really see who it is. Then I realize.. it's Skylar. I open my phone again and add her on facebook. She was on her phone as well so I was expecting her to add me quickly. And I was right.

I opened up messenger and sent her a message.

Luke: Hi

Luke: Found you :)

Dammit Luke, that sounds fucking creepy.

Skylar: Hey :)

Skylar: Um.. thanks for defending me today, I didn't get a chance to thank you cause I had to rush to class, didn't wanna be late on the first day of school :)

What am I supposed to reply?

Luke: haha I get it, no worries :)

Luke: We should hang out some time

Skylar: Me?

Luke: No, Barack Obama

Luke: Kidding, yes you :)

Skylar: But.. your a sophomore.. and I'm just a little 8th grader haha

Luke: And does that matter? :)

Skylar: I guess not 

Luke: I rest my case :)

I could see her smile at her phone with my chat open. She doesn't know I can see her so I might as well play a trick on her. Girls love that, right?

Luke: And plus, you seem super cool  :)

I could see her smile at her phone again.

Skylar: Aw thanks.

Luke: I make you smile easily don't I?

Skylar: And how do you know I'm smiling, aye? :)

Luke: Turn around

I walk up behind her.

Skylar: Shit.

She turns around.

"Hey" she giggles.

"Hope I didn't creep you out haha" I reply.

"It's almost 5:00PM why are you still at school?" she asks.

"My little sister has soccer practice, what about you?"

"Well, my little brother actually has soccer practice as well" she giggles.

Damn her giggles were cute. I mean.. um. God Dammit Luke.

"Well, I should go pick up my brother now, um I'll text you later?" she assured.

"Yea I should go pick up my sister as well, I'll see you later".

We both stand up and start awkwardly walking in the same direction.

"Oh yea. Our siblings probably have soccer at the same field" she laughs. I laugh with her.

We then both arrive at the field and pick up our siblings, waving each other goodbye.

"Oooooh who's that girl?" my little sister Jessica teases.

"Oh shut up".


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