Oh Hey Hemmings

She never expected that the boy of her dreams would like her, especially since he's 2 years older than her. That's until it actually happens.


1. 1. Back 2 Skl


Skylar's POV

6:00 AM

*beep beep*

My eyes slowly widened to find my alarm clock going off. I got out of bed and smacked it to make it shut up. You see, I'm not really a morning person. 

Shit, it's the first day of school. I'm going into the 8th grade and it's kind of nerve-recking. It's my last year of being in middle school so I might as well try to enjoy it. I mean, I do have my best friends (Amber and Sophia) with me so I guess It won't be THAT BAD. 


I walked into my bathroom to get ready, you know, brushing my teeth, wash my face. Then came the hardest part of the morning. Picking out an outfit (especially since it's the first day of school). I decided to go with a simple white-t along with some skinny jeans and a flannel tied around my waist. I then paired it with some simple white converse with a silver anklet. It was actually pretty cold here right now in Sydney, Australia.

I grabbed a nature valley, my backpack, and headed out the door, forgetting to say goodbye to my parents. I walked to school since it was only a few minutes away, and it was good to let me clear my mind along the way there. 

When I got to school, I walked over to where our grade's "hang out spot" is. 

"SKYLAR" I heard a some girls yell, and of course it was my friends, Amber and Sophia.

"Hey guys!" I said while hugging them.

They are honestly my best friends, my ride or die, the girls I tell everything about.

"Can you believe it's already school? Another year of torture!?" I chatted.

"Ugh" they said in unison.

"Well, I need to go put my books in my locker so I'll catch you guys later".

I walked up the stairs to find my locker. "A8" is what the paper said. Oh no, thats the lockers with all the highschoolers.... great.

I walked around the corners holding all my books and..


I crashed into a tall figure.

"shit.. I"m sorry" he said while helping me pick up my books.

"no worries, I should of looked where I was going".

We finally looked up at each other where my light brown eyes locked with his gorgeous blue ones. I stood up and he handed me my books.

"Luke" he said holding his hand out.

"Skylar" I smiled and shook his hand.

 "psstt why is that stupid 8th grader talking to a 10th grader" I heard a girl behind me, giggling off to her friend.

"What did you say?" Luke turned around to them. "What did this girl ever do to you guys huh?".

I blushed a bit.

"Calling her stupid? Well whats even more stupid is you talking crap about people, clearly her life is so much more interesting than yours". 

The girls rushed away with their heads down.

"Thank--". the bell rings. I can't be late, I rush off to class and didn't even get to finish my thanks.

The rest the day I just listened to all that "First Day of School" shit from the teachers. Like the "class rules" and about how participation is 30% of your grade, you know, that crap nobody really pays attention to. I also may have spent it rethinking that situation with Luke... something was different about him, and I wanted to find out what it was.

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