Our coffee shop.

It all started with a chocolate chip cookie. Amazingphil fanfiction there will be some phan.


1. Cookie?

~~So it’s 2:37a.m and I love Phan don’t get me wrong, but it’s one of those ships where I’m attracted to both of them but then them as a couple is just asdfghjkl. So I’m deciding to write down stuff.

You walked into Starbucks on a relaxing day after being out and about in London. There weren’t a lot of people in the streets today, being a Tuesday and all but unusually Starbucks was half empty. There were about six people in front of you, which were taking forever. Your eyes began to wonder, you looked around at the decorations on the wall, and you looked at the people. Everyone seemed the same except for one. One dark hair boy with his head down wearing a red paid shirt. It was eventually your turn to order. You order your usual and glance back at the boy with his head down “and also can I get 2 chocolate chip cookies” you added to the barrister (A/N sorry if they don’t sell those, my nearest Starbucks is two hours away).

Once you got your order with an incorrect name, you slowly walked up to the boy. He didn’t even notice you were there until you let out a small cough. The boy rocketed up with surprise and gave a little “Ahh”. You noticed his beautiful eyes were puffy and red, his face wet with tears, and the agitation on his nose. “Erhhh hello” you tried to sound polite “Do you mind if I sit here? I notice you seemed upset so I bought you a cookie….. I hope you’re not allergic to chocolate chip” the boy smiled and gestured to you that it was okay. You sat down and handed him a cookie, he pause took the cookie and mumbled a quick thanks. “I’m (y/n)” you say, “I’m Phil” he replies. “So Phil I know I might be a stranger but you really look like you needs a shoulder to lean on”. He nods again, “do you mind?” you ask whilst pointing next to him. He looks up and a tear falls from his eye and he nods his head. You shuffle over next to him and make the bold move to hug him; he breaks down into tears and cries into your shoulder. You rub your hand up and down his back and whispers sweet things in the strangers  ear.
His crying slowed down and you both pulled away, his cheeks blush as he realises what just happened. You take a sip of your drink to hold back a giggle from his cuteness, when you finished you sip, you ask “do you mind me asking? What happened”? He blushed even more “it’s really stupid and it’s a long story” he replies. “You’re worth my time, tell me what’s up?” you ask, taking a bite of your cookie. “Welllll……. It more than one thing” he pauses hesitantly, you give him a look as if to say go on, “well the first thing is that I got into a huge fight with by best friend and roommate”  he stops and takes a deep breath, “which lead to him” he starts to sob. “H-h-him saying that he didn’t want to live with me anymore and that we should go our own separate ways” he clung on to you, if this was anyone else you would have called the police in a split second but you felt that you have known him your whole life. You hug him in close as he continues “and you see during the fight we both said some unactable things, but he crossed the line he told me that I’m only popular because of him and that I’m updateable and unattractive and that no one will ever be like me for  me they’ll always like me for him, and I will always be second choice”. You hold the crying boy in your arms and try to comfort him. “I’m sure he didn’t mean any of that, maybe something happened today and he lashed out on you. Do you still want to be his friend?” you ask, he nods sadly. You continue “just give him some time, he’ll realise what happened, and be destroyed”. You hug him tight and just on queue his phone rang.

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