Random things that my friends say

My friends say the weirdest things and so I thought that I would share them with you. Just for fun and to have something to laugh at. And if you don't get one of the jokes then comment and I'll try my best to explain it. So enjoy!


5. The Period

Alright, here's another one.

We were sitting in my Language Arts class, and we have the columns of rows and all that, but anyway, I sit by two boys, and one of my best friends.  So anyway, we were talking about comics that we were making and this is the conversation.

Caden: Ryan, you have to have periods at the end of your sentences

Ryan: No I don't.

Caden: Yes, even the girls have periods.

Ryan: WHAT?

Me and My friend: YEAH WHAT?

Me:  What exactly are you implying Caden?

Caden:  OMGosh!  I meant that the girls had periods at the end of their sentences!

Me and my friend: Sureeeeeeeeee.

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