Random things that my friends say

My friends say the weirdest things and so I thought that I would share them with you. Just for fun and to have something to laugh at. And if you don't get one of the jokes then comment and I'll try my best to explain it. So enjoy!


28. That-time-when-you-crush-those-who-make-fun-of-you-and-enjoy-it-so-much-you-want-to-do-it-again

My softball team and I were at a pizza place one day after a game we were just playing around and having fun, and a boys baseball team came in and sat down almost next to us.  I don't know how it started but we heard one of the boys whisper under his breath 'girls can't play ball, they can't even it a ball right.'  Well I mean a table of girls softball players, all mad at another team of baseball players isn't the best mix.  Well we challenged them to a game and they agreed.  

When the next day came around, we beat them 30-10.  Including me having 3 home runs bringing in fully loaded bases, and one of my friends getting 2 home runs, and so many doubles and triples it wasn't even funny.  The boys challenged us to a re-match and we beat them again 35-9.  It's pretty funny how they assume that they are so much better because they are boys.

By: Ruckus12578

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