Random things that my friends say

My friends say the weirdest things and so I thought that I would share them with you. Just for fun and to have something to laugh at. And if you don't get one of the jokes then comment and I'll try my best to explain it. So enjoy!


4. I have a problem

So earlier today as some of you might know Movellas was having a maintenance check or something. So it wasn't working and Ruckus and I were on Movellas writing at the time when it happened. So we were both like "NO!" And the kids sitting in front of us look at us like we are weirdo human beings. While I am hugging the computer like: My life just ended. How can I survive with out Movellas? I was almost in tears because it had been a hard day. Then Ruckus looks at me and says, "You have a problem."

Then, when we thought it was back up, and it looked like it had loaded, Mrs. Greenkins and I both yelled "YES!" at the same time, and when it went down again, Mrs. Greenkins literally said her life was over.


Both Mrs. Greenkins and Ruckus12578

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