When Pigs Fly

A compilation of different styles of poems I've written throughout the years. Some inspiring, some contemplative, and some of them just plain silly.


4. The Edge


I'm on the ledge

it's all below me

 but I only have one step left

before I return to the bottom

the bottom of which I climbed out

that I struggled to escape from 

it's so tempting to return to

to just let go, be free, and leap

from the ledge, back to the bottom again

my bonds, my responsibilities, are at the bottom

but my freedom and refuge are up here

I must decide whether to go over the edge again, 

if the struggle of the depths are worth it

The depths are a heavy burden, which is why they rest on the bottom. 

The journey back to the top is a difficult one, but it's easy to get back down.

The temptation to return to the bottom is overwhelming, it calls out to me to return to it.

The depths are hypnotizing, and all consuming, so regardless of how much it may weigh

 I wish to return there, back to the earth, back to my responsibilities,

 back to my emotional tethers, despite the pain.

I can make it back to the top again, I know I will, I am determined to,

but maybe this time the journey will be eased.

This time on my way back to the edge I will not be alone, for I know others share my troubles,

One of such other is across from me, daring me to jump from my ledge, as they jump from theirs,

so we may meet at the bottom together, within the depths together, 

and we shall share the burden together, the emotional tether. 

As it was once said,

    Over the edge,

   over again.




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