When Pigs Fly

A compilation of different styles of poems I've written throughout the years. Some inspiring, some contemplative, and some of them just plain silly.


7. Silver & Gold

Two brothers born from the old
one made from silver the other gold
one for Luna the other Sol
one had the mind
one had the form
one always suffered daily scorn
the other relished when his brother would mourn
one was blinded
the other never minded
one gave up his care of the physical world
one couldn't wait for his plans to unfurl
one couldn't wait to herald the news, that the world would meet with eventual doom
one wanted nothing more than for his brother to rest in his eternal tomb
both wanted the other to die
one looked up to the sky and asked,"let me see just one last time"
he was granted his wish in the form of his mind's eye
his brother came to say goodbye,
for this was the last time his brother would reply
one had decided that it was time
to be rid of his brother once and for all
the other knew what his brother was planning,
but he stayed facing his cell wall
the other always found his brother enchanting,
but he still stabbed forward where his brother was standing
his weapon pierced the other through
then his brother whispered to him, "thank you brother, I always knew that I could always count on you"
one stood there now alone as he cheered in triumph over his fallen foe
he stopped and stood there for awhile
and realized that his brother had seemed to know
that it had been him that had given the final blow


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