I have many great idea for One Direction sick fanfiction prompts. I will write the prompt. And you as the Author will write the story. Only rules I have are they have to be extremely long and very detailed written. I also ask for you to add the prompt at the top of the book. I have read everything on One Direction sick fiction. I feel everyone writes the same story over and over again. I find the most unique situations out there. If you are interested please check out my other work under same user name bouncerokoas on Wattpad. More details on that site. or check out my www.wattpad acount under same id Bouncerokoas. Or email me at Only account I have for prompts.


6. page 4

💕niall or harry have been really sick having high FEVERS that end up having a really bad seizures.Added 12-20-14💕

💞 Niall and Harry are dating for about Six years now. One Direction just begin their biggest tour yet. With Backstreet Boys New kids On The Block BB Mac Nsync Boyzone 98 degrees and Westlife. As the tour goes on Niall and Harry have been overly tired and moody but he thinks it from touring for five years. They has craving for stuff but thought it was hunger. Both gets sick sometimes but blames that on touring as well as well as being so horny as well. Time goes on the guys never thought of pregnancy. Then one day They both are in so much pain all weekend. That they give birth on the same day and did not know it. Then they go though parenthood while on tour for a five year tour non stop and are still recording albums and changing tours though out the tours. And the band's go. Though everything together children, sickness and pregnancies Drew Lachey wife is the, main doctor for every health need as well.💞 added 1-3-15 ( notes: I have this story on a time line but I try to write it and it never makes any sense. If anyone want to tackle this needs to talk me for plans) Leah Lachey has been going on line for school for many years so she can practice any kind of medicine. This story is my baby but please know you will need to know each band is research is what must.( it is about time this site gets some Backstreet Boys (KTBSPA) and some Nsync fiction as well I miss it a lot.

**Harry 21th Birthday is coming up. He on tour for his birthday in New York. On the day of his birthday he feels sick and is Homesick. He too week to get out of bed he only Wants Anne. Who is back in England. With Grema who is due to give birth any day now too triplets. Added 1-26-15

***Niall ends up with bad case of the flu on the night of the Grammy's. Added 1-26-15

 Harry ends up with a bad case of the flu on the night of the Grammys... Added 8-24-15

The boys are in a new country for the first time on on the road again tour. They end up very sick on tour.

**** Harry stands on the sideline extremely lonely. He is watching the boys fall in love. He acts like himself but he is really having a breakdown. He slowly stops talking begins to cry more. He eats less, but never once does he let the fans down. He ends up sick while on tour. And in the middle tour in England he meets Emma Jane Love. Then he falls for her. added 1-26-15

++++Niall woke up sick with the measles in the middle of tour.Added 1-26-15

***** All Five boys are on Tour. In the middle of the tour they were on the bus going to from the Maine all the way to Toronto Canada when the come down with the NOROVIRUS.... Added 1-28-15

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