I have many great idea for One Direction sick fanfiction prompts. I will write the prompt. And you as the Author will write the story. Only rules I have are they have to be extremely long and very detailed written. I also ask for you to add the prompt at the top of the book. I have read everything on One Direction sick fiction. I feel everyone writes the same story over and over again. I find the most unique situations out there. If you are interested please check out my other work under same user name bouncerokoas on Wattpad. More details on that site. or check out my www.wattpad acount under same id Bouncerokoas. Or email me at Only account I have for prompts.


2. Introduction to my prompts

This is just the Prompts that I came up with though out the years that i as a reader of fanfiction would love to read. sure some of the ideas i have come up with are from original Backstreet fanfiction or *Nsync. I just added One Direction names instead. I myself am not the greatest writer. I am crap at writing. grammar, spelling and of course i can be the Queen of  Run on sentences. But I just do not care any more. I am done of trying to be shy of   how i write things. I just adding prompts that I think others will love to write about and for the readers to read about. So I came up with this Idea to write Prmpts about One Direction Sick Fanfiction. That are not your typical plots and stories. i try to find things that others will love to read about. and you as a writer and Author have a chance to do what you do love that is create a new story. You will get all the credit. and i just will take recognition for the idea of the Prompt. I also adding a page where you can find a link to the authors account and get to know what they are also writing.  I want to read as many of my Prompts by others .  Please think of this as a way to improve your writing skills and storytelling abilities . if you have Writers block or just stuck on what to write next. I hope you are happy with these. research will be required to many of these stories. I love the site  or you can use any site you feel the facts will be correct. I have a few rules though.  1. you must love writing and being creative. 2 you must have fun. 3 I a type of gal who loves long stories and that are extremely detailed. that all i ask. 4. please add the prompt to the top of the first page.

thanks to those who have already writing some. They are great and i want more to keep coming.  also I have added a page where you can send me your Prompt ideas and I will  write them out for you. your name and account will be linked to the Prompt. so send me your Prompts ideas to   this will also be my email for you to get a hold of me. Thanks

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