I have many great idea for One Direction sick fanfiction prompts. I will write the prompt. And you as the Author will write the story. Only rules I have are they have to be extremely long and very detailed written. I also ask for you to add the prompt at the top of the book. I have read everything on One Direction sick fiction. I feel everyone writes the same story over and over again. I find the most unique situations out there. If you are interested please check out my other work under same user name bouncerokoas on Wattpad. More details on that site. or check out my www.wattpad acount under same id Bouncerokoas. Or email me at Only account I have for prompts.


1. Part One Author Notes

1.A/N Is this a waste of my time these are stories ideas that I would love to read. If I could write them I would. I tried it once on www.siye.UK. com but they would not let me put it up. I as a fan know what I want to read. So I truly thought it would be a wonderful idea for others to read and write them. They could put the story on their page as well. But the feeling I get people read but no one tells me their ideas. I know how others feel. I promise I have not taken any ideas. They are all my own. I just a fan who love extremely long chapters if I could each chapter would be 30 or more pages. But I not good.

A/N 2.So I giving this one more try maybe to the end of the year if nothing I give up for good I will erase this and just go back to reading. I wish backstretch and sync stories were on here as well. I mean with bsb it 21 years of the band tons of ideas but nope fans walked away and stopped writing boy I really love sad stories sick stories and I am truly running out of ideas .

A/N 3.So please give me feed back tell me if you like this not just read what I wote

A/N 2. How are the plots coming. Does anyone like them. Please tell me what you think. Does anyone want me to add any to this list just let me know and I will. I getting desperate to read something new. There a lot of stories I been watching and Want to read more. Added 11-28-14

A/N 3. What are you all thinking about my Ideas. Do you like them Or is this a waste of a story on here. I need feedback please is anyone writing them.if so let me know asap. I am running out of sick fiction to read and I do love a great story that last a while to read and is finished as well. added 12-18-14

A/N 4. I just so everyone knows I will not be writing these. I hope that you will. Please help me out. Added 1-26-15

A/N 5. I add Ideas slowly added 1-29-15

A/N 6. Still thinking this is a waste of time. I still would love to have read some. I give this till April and I will stop. Added 1-29-15

A/N 7. I am up to704 read. How many can write a plot for it. Would it be easier if I start one would someone please finish it. Not many sick update are being updated and I really miss it. Added 3-8-15.

A/N 8. is anyone writing a story. I feel like no one wants me on here. They hate my ideas so I giving the rest of the summer to hopefully read some. Or I am taking this off. Added 6-27-15

A/N 7. One author wore part of one Mono by # writer 1919. Please read and if anyone knows how I can add her story to my book. Let me know

A/N 8. I have just decided I am just going to add the links to the Authors page. It will be on the results page. Added 7-9-15

A/N 9. It really late now. I have more prompts to add later today. It is 2:20 am must get sleep now thanks Added 7-10-15

A/N 10. Ok they are up. I want to try something if you see........ It means that you as the Author get to go on any what you choose to. I want you to pick stuff and if you see a ______. Please fill in the blank. Please enjoy. Hope all is well. Happy Writing and creativity.

A/N 11. Ok I been writing me butt off lately. I started to run out of Ideas so Ithought I'd anyone has any request prompts I will add them to a page then if anyone likes your prompt idea. Can write it. You never know who might be the author to your idea. It might get us to discover new authors as well. What does everyone think added 7-12-15

A/N 12. Just made a new email Please sent all prompts there. It will make it easier for me to respond to you and your ideas. Plus it now my everything Wattpad account. Added 7-24-15

A/N 13. I have added my first prompt request. by LOVETOWRITE45 please take time to read it and if it grabs your attention please let her know. Added 7-25-15

A/N 14. Okay have a very special announcement and I need everyone to contribute many people have asked me to start writing my own stories for my props. but I don't know if anyone knows I'm extremely extremely nervous on writing my own stuff. I might not be the greatest person grammar etc. etc. and I made it known. but this is so much fun to do I'm enjoying it a lot what I need from you is this. I put up a voting poll on one of the sections on my back of one direction fanfiction crops now I need you to vote on what prompt. I should make a story out of first so please vote and let me know what you think I have one vote for Niall and that's all and I need more votes I'm not writing the story is just upgrading vote and comment .

A/N 15. okay I've been getting questions about if they could write a scenario I have of a different character is another one I put on the prompt . It's okay to change whoever you want in the story it is my goal is to make a prompt for each of the boys . Also been asked if they're able to add Zayn of course he is after all still was a part of one direction and he just he still deserves to be written out about. It is also okay for you to add any of the other guys just switch the name and its great feel free to question me about anything .

A/N: 16. Is everyone just board of my prompts. Why is no one participating in this book. I would love to add your name to the result page. I need new stories. I am trying here to get people to Vote and Comment on the prompts. Then there the fact I need your opinions on stuff but never answers. I don't have a problem with you writing a prompt you find on here. But if you like it please consider writing the story. I am doing this for all the writer's out there. I really need MORE feedback. So please read my profile notes and questions and answer them. Or I might just stop this all together. Please don't let my stories ideas go.

A/N: 17 tell me do you think I should put this and my other  prompt fictions on other one direction fan fiction sites and or other sites for my other books as well.


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