High- Calum Hood

"C'mon. Let's go get high together."

"Why not?"

Calum is the school bad boy. Ali is a good girl.

If getting high with Calum all the time isn't bad, then what is?


2. 2

After a while the rest of the Homeroom came in. When Kayli was talking to other people and not paying attention, I answered Calum. "Why aren't you talking to me?" He asked.

"You're not going to fuck me are you? Or make me get high? Right?" I asked. "Well, no. Not yet." I rolled my eyes. "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover." He said and I got choked up. I couldn't think about this now. Not him.

He noticed my eyes watering up. "Sorry, is it something I said?" He asked and I ran to the bathroom. He must've told Kayli about it because she came in looking mad. "I fucking hate him" "What?" "He made you cry, Ali!" "It wasn't him." "Who was it then?" I started crying again. She hugged me and a second later, Luke came in and hugged me.


When first period started, Calum sat in front of me, Kayli behind me, Luke on my left and a boy with red dyed hair on my right.

"Hello class. Good to see you again." She rolled her eyes. Everyone laughed but me. "We have a student from America! Her name is Ali Mendez. Would you care to share something about yourself?" She asked.

"Oh, well," everyone's eyes turned to me. "I love music. I sing with my brother all of the time and we actually have a band together and with a few friends. It's called Under-Flare."

"Ok. On that, a new chemistry project will be starting. You will be paired up boy and girl and you will be expected to respond to your partner." She started calling off names and I was praying I was with Luke because I don't know anyone else and I didn't want to be with Calum.

"Kayli and Michael, Luke and.... Rylie." "Score!" He called out and everyone laughed except me. "Ali and Calum." He turned back and smirked at me. "Don't expect me to go to bed with you or for you to get me high."

"Oh, you will soon enough. All of the girls do." He smirked.

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