High- Calum Hood

"C'mon. Let's go get high together."

"Why not?"

Calum is the school bad boy. Ali is a good girl.

If getting high with Calum all the time isn't bad, then what is?


1. 1

I just moved to Australia from America. I was at school early the first day. Just so I could get to my homeroom early. I was in my home room and a girl I didn't know came in. She had brown hair that went right below her shoulders, greenish blue eyes, and freckles. She sat down across from me. I carried on starting to read a book.

"I'm Kayli." She said and smiled. "I'm Ali." I said and smiled back. "Ummm.... Can I see your schedule?" She asked me. "Sure." I said and got it out quick. She started scanning it and smiling. To be honest, I was a little creeped out. But I didn't show it. She handed it a back. "We have all of the same classes." She said. I smiled back.

Then came in a boy. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and a lip ring. Me and Kayli stared at him wide eyed. He sat down next to Kayli. I stopped staring. "So ladies, how are you?" "Oh please Luke." Kayli said. WHHHAAAAATTTTT. "Luke?" "Yes. Why." Kayli said. "You looked like you didn't know him." "I got confused at first. You've changed so much, Luke!"

They started flirting and in came another boy. He had brown hair with blonde streaks, brown eyes and perfect features, tan. "Uh-oh" Kayli said. "What uh-oh?" "He's the bad boy. He drinks, smokes, fucked almost every girl last year. He got high all of the time. He's bad news, Ali. Stay away." She said and he sat beside me. I flashed my eyes to Kayli. She looked at me wide eyed then slipped me a note.

'He's awful. Don't talk to him, ignore him. Talk to me if he tries to talk to you. His name is Calum Hood.

The highest guy in school. Stay away. Don't get involved with him.'

Those were the words I didn't listen to.

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