That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


18. Written by: ThatGirlThough...

Lily's p.o.v:

We were walking through the airport when Louis grabbed my arm. "Why couldn't I sit next to you on the bus? I need to talk to you, can we like, sit together on the plane?" I looked at Harry, who was busy talking to Zayn. They had talked on the bus, and now they actually had become besties! "Sure," I shrugged. When we got on the plane, there was two groups of 4 seat, and a group of 2. Louis sat in one of the two, and I sat across from him. Harry laid a hand on my shoulder. "I thought we wer..." I sent him an apologetic smile. He sighed and went to sit with the other guys.

"Lily, I know I've been avoiding you a bit, and I've been mad at you for pulling away from me because of Harry, but I'm over that now. I just want to be here for you now. So.. I don't know.. I guess I'm sorry, and I just want to be with you now." I didn't know what to say. I wanted to tell him the truth, but I couldn't. I also wanted to kiss him, but I couldn't do that either. "No." What? Why did I say that? It didn't even make any sense. I think I just said it to myself, to stop myself from telling the truth or kissing him, but I accidently said it out loud. He looked so confused, and I understood. What i'd just said made absolutley no sense, and I hadn't really responsed on what he'd said. I really couldn't find out what to say though, so I just stood up and walked to the empty group of seats and sat down. Louis just kept on looking at me with this wierd look.

"Hey." Harry was sitting beside me. He quickly kissed me, without anyone seeing. "So you talked to Louis?" I shook my head. "Not really. I mean, he talked to me, but I didn't really response. It's really hard Harry. It hasn't even been 2 hours, and it's soo hard not to tell." He sighed. "I know it's hard, but you just gotta hold it in for a couple of weeks, just until the end of the tour. I want to work it out with Louis, so that I can go to the concerts again." "No, I can't. At least not if I'm here with you. Maybe I should just go home, and I'll see you when you're done with the tour in a couple of weeks. Now he was chocked. "No Lily, You can't leave me." I grinned. "You'll be fine! You've been with these guys almost every day for like five years!" He still looked shocked and sad though. 


So here I am. At home, alone. I flew home a few hours after landing in Russia with the guys. It felt so wierd being alone, but it was also kind of nice. I'd been texting wuite a lot with Harry and Niall since coming home, and I'd gotting some messages from Louis as well, but I hadn't answered him. I still couldn't figure out what to answer him.

I really missed harry, and I was just becoming more and more lonely. At te end i figured sitting around alone wouldn't help, so i contacted some of my old friends, and had some fun with them.

So I was just sitting in my room, waiting for him to come back. Except he didn't. I ended up deciding to go to his house instead. If he wouldn't come to me, I'd come to him.

That day I went back to him when i missed him, today I didn't.

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