That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


16. Written by: ThatGirlThough...

Niall's p.o.v:

The past few days had been horrible. Louis and Harry had been avoiding each other, and when they finally did talk, it was more what you would call yelling. Lily was devestated. She loved Harry, but thir history was too complicated, and she really liked Louis, but she didn't love him. Louis was mad at Lily because she didn't want to be with him. harry was mad at Lily because she didn't want to be with him. In short, there was either awkward silence or horrible yelling when two of the three were in the same room. Liam had been trying to make it work between Louis and Harry, while I had been comforting Lily.

"I love Harry, and I really want to be with him, but I just can't! After what happened, I just can't. We were so close, but he didn't trust me. he thought I cheated on him, even though I told him i hadn't! He didn't trust me, and I just don't know if i can forgive him completely! And Louis, he's so great and nice, but.. But he's not Harry! And he really hates Harry. I just can't listen to him when he talks that bad about Harry! I can't do this anymore Niall! I just can't" That was just about what I'd been listening to for the last two days. "But you don't have to choose, Lily, you don't. you don't have to be with any of them." She looked at me, and I could see the frustration in her eyes. "I know. It's just.. They're both so angry at me, and I just can't take it!" She laid her head on my shoulder. "It's okay Lily. You're not alone, I'm here for you. I always will." I softly kissed her forehead, and removed a hair from her face. "I know. You're the best friend I could ever wish for." Friend. That was all. I knew it, I'd always been her friend. i'd been the one she'd told everything. I'd been the shoulder she cried on, and I'd been the one that could always make her laugh. The thing is, I didn't want to be her friend, I wanted more. I knew that would never happen though. I was the one she complained about other guys to.

I went into the kitchen, finding Liam sitting in the couch with his head in his hands. I sat beside him, and he looked up. "We have a concert tomorrow. What are we going to do?" I shook my head. "I don't know. They can't go on stage together." Liam looked at me, "Maybe we could contact Zayn? Zayn and Harry aren't exactly besties, so Harry could stay home and maybe work it out with Lily.." I nodded slowly. "Yeah.. That could work.." It hurt, because I reallt didn't want Lily and Harry to work it out, but I knew that nothing would ever happen between Lily and I, and I just wanted her to be happy, so I guess I was okay with it. 

So that was what we did. We contacted Zayn, and harry agreed to stay home, and Liam, Louis, Zayn and I were about to go to the concert when Lily walked up to me, grabbed my arm and took me into a room. "Niall.. Do you really have to go? I don't know if I want to be alone with Harry." I wrapped my arms around her, and whispered in her ear. "I gotta go, but you're going to be okay. And I'll be back soon. Just a couple of hours, and I'll be with you again." Then she kissed me. It was the best kiss ever. But at the same time, it was also the worst kiss ever. I knew that she and I weren't meant to be. Harry and Lily were meant to be. That's why I pulled out of the kiss. "You gotta work it out with harry, Lily. You and I, not an option. I mean, I want to, but you're just frustrated, you don't really want it. the same counts for Louis. You and him, not meant to be. But you and Harry, you are meant to be.

"Niall, there's something I need to tell you. You can't tell anyone though. Like, it's really a secret." I nodded. "Of course." Anything for her. I didn't say that though. "Harry and I are a couple. He just doesn't want to tell anyone. But i don't know if I want to keep on being with him if he doesn't want to tell anyone." it felt like a knife in my heart. I'd been in love with Lily for so long, but now she was with Harry, my best friend. I did after all know that harry was in love, like really in love, and Lily sounded like she also really loved him. "I know, that harry loves you. He's been acting wierd lately, obviously in love, I just didn't know who, but now I do. And I can tell that you love him too. You gotta give him a chance, some day, he'll tell everyone about you, I promise."

That day, I told her something that broke my heart, today I did again.

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