That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


8. Written by: ThatGirlThough...

Zayn's p.o.v.

"Hey, you wanna meet me in the bedroom in 10?" Ali sat on my thigh, and put her arm around my neck. She started kissing my neck, but I couldn't concentrate. I did manage to get out a sure, and smack her in the ass with a smile as she stood up. She laughed, and left.

When 10 minutes had passed, I summoned the energy, and walked into the bedroom. Not surprising, Ali was lying on the bed, only wearing a thong, and that was just for the sake of me getting to rip it of her. Which I did, after she had ripped of my clothes.

After we had sex, Ali placed her head on my chest. "We should do that all day.." I nodded, but realised she couldn't see my head. "Yeah, that could be great, but I think I need to go out today. She looked at me with a big smile on her face. "So we can go on a date, like in the public? You don't want to hide me anymore?!" Ups. I had raised false hopes. "Ehmm.. I was thinking by myself. There are some people I need to talk to." I immediately felt her head drop back on my chest. "Oh. Okay. i guess.." I felt a bit bad for her. But I didn't know if she was just sex, or if I should actually introduce her as my girlfriend.

I left without Alison, and the driver was just outside the door as usual. I got into the car, and told him to where to go. 

I knocked on the door, and Liam opened. "Oh. Hi. Ehmm.. I haven't seen you for a while. But I guess.." He stopped talking, and gave me a short hug. It was obvious that he had either forgotten me, or he didn't want to see me. "Can I talk to Harry?" Liam nodded, and left. He probably went to find Harry, but he could have at least asked me to come in, right?

A few minutes later, Harry appeared in the door. When he saw me, he turned around and walked away. "Harry, wait!" He looked at me, his eyes burning with anger. "I'm sorry. For not telling you who I had sex with." His eyes widened. "So you DID have sex with her? You just couldn't admit it until now?" I shook my head, starting to regret I ever came. "I did NOT have sex with your sister Harry." His eyes widened even more. "Oh I know that. But you DID have sex with someone else, and we both know who that is." "No, you don't know who it is. But you do know her. Or at least you did. Her name's Alison."

" Harry stormed into my room, even though it was only a few hours since he had left. "Okay. I have to thank you. I mean, you told the truth. You didn't hook up with my sister. You did hook up with someone else though. And that's EVEN WORSE! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS TO ME ZAYN!!" "Mmh. Yeah Worse than your sister? Something you forgot to tell me Harry?" 

That day I didn't tell him the whole truth, but today I did. And I didn't care if he believed it or not. I'd already lost all of them 'cause he didn't a few years ago. "

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