That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


6. Written by: ThatGirlThough...

Harry's p.o.v.

The thought of Lily and some other guy creeped me out. You guys are probably thinking 'your not her boyfriend, that's wierd', but my excuse: It wasn't just some other guy. It was a guy who had raped Lily against her will. THAT creeped me out. Even though I might not have known her for that long, the idea of her needing me (or the other boys), made me feel so much better immediately.

We arrived at the hospital, and Niall and I ran to get to Lily - the other boys a bit behind us. When we got to Lily's room at the hospital, where she was being checked for sexually transmitted diseases or other damages. When I saw her, I wanted to go and give her a big hug, but Niall beat me to it.

We soon found out that Lily was okay, as long as she wasn't reminded about what had happened. "I thought you were really sick, Harry?" She looked at me, on the brink of laughing. I felt the heat shoot into my cheeks, cause she was right. I'd been in my bed for almost two weeks, and as soon as something happened, I was ready again. It seemed pretty wierd. 

"He was just getting better." Niall saved me. But apparently Lily didn't quite buy it. "Then why couldn't I come as well today?" I simply shrugged. "You know, this might not have happened if you'd let me come!" She said it with a smile, but i saw her eyes. And they were definately not smiling. "You know what? I'm actually feeling a bit sick again.." I left the room, walked for a while, and sat on the floor, my back against the wall.

After 15 minutes or so, Niall came and sat beside me. "Don't feel bad Harry. I was the one who told her not to come. I didn't even ask you as I should have. It's all my fault." I looked at him, a tear on its way down his cheek. "You know.. I would have said no if you'd asked me. It's not your fault at all, it's mine." Now MY cheek was wet.

After just sitting beside Niall for a while, Lily came. "You guys wanna come home with us?" Niall and I shrugged in unison. Lily sat down across of us. "Guys.. I'm so sorry about what I said. It isn't you're fault. At all.. I.. I should've just been more careful. Actually.. I was on the way to your place Harry. I wanted to see if you were really ill, and I didn't think the others would still be there. I should've respected the fact that you didn't want me there. I'm sorry."

" "Admit it Zayn, you hooked up with my sister!" Zayn only shook his head. "No, I didnt! I really didn't Harry!" He was crying. He sounded like he was telling the truth, but I knew he wasn't. "I'll give you one last chance! Tell me the truth! Did you have sex with my sister? Yes or no." Again, he shook his head. "No, I didn't have sex with your sister!"

That day I didn't think Zayn was telling the truth, today I knew Lily did. "

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