That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


13. Written by: Pantersvanter!

Harry's p.o.v: 

In some ways i was kind of disappointed. That kiss was such a relief, but i also fully understand (of course after thinking a lot about it) that Lily wanted to forget the kiss. My problem was just that she said 'the last few hours'. I kept reading the text over and over again. The last few hours were absolutely amazing, maybe except that kiss. The days went and we acted like those few hours just never was there. The other boys loved the story and the fact that their plan was actually maybe going to happen. 
Maybe you are now thinking about the fact that i should not know about their plan. It was easy to figure out. Liam or Niall are always extremely fast, when Lily is leaving, because if they don't follow her out before Louis, he is just never coming back. When they asked me those questions i had already figured what to answer. Their plan was most likely just not gonna happen. 

It felt like the night Lily and I used in town was yesterday, but weeks had gone by and we had arrived at a nice hotel in Paris. Lily and Louis went to get the keys, which was not such a great idea, but i was tired and they were noisy. Liam and Niall were whispering about the rooms. None of us actually knew if it was single rooms, double rooms, a apartment kind of thing or maybe a suite. Of course we were all hoping for the best, but it was hard to tell. 

"Uhm... boys? do you think we should go check on Lilou?" i asked Niall and Liam. So just a quick explain; Lilou is Louis and Lily, we just game them a name, so that we didn't have to say both of their names every time they disappeared. Liam nodded and Niall started to walk into the hotel. On his way he told something to a young boy, who started putting our luggage on a cart. Fans were arriving so we hurried inside. 

We found Lilou in a pillow fight inside a giant suite. Niall joined them because they managed to toss a pillow at him and hit his head. I went around opening doors looking inside all of the rooms. The covers were lying messed up on the ground, the foolish young adults had been jumping in the beds. I gave my self a facepalm and began tidying up. We ended up splitting us in the most responsible way (according to Liam): Niall and Lily, Louis and me and Liam didn't want to share a room. And nobody wanted to share with him because he snores. Lily was supposed to have that room, but no one wanted to share a room with him, so Lily just let him have the singles room. 

“Harry” Lily whispered in my ear and because I was kind of tired, I accidently slapped her. “Wow Harry… that was… uhm… unexpected.” Lily whispered while rubbing her nose. “ Why are you whispering” I asked, but Lily only shushed me and pulled me out of bed. She took a pair of pants from the ground and handed them over. I quietly took socks and shoes on, then grasped a shirt and snuck out of the room. Everything was so quiet and none of us woke the others up. “Sooo, why have you woken me up in the middle of the night?” I asked her. She didn’t answer right away, she just started to pull her hair in front of her shoulders. “Unexcpected, huh?” she said and flipped the hair on her right side behind the shoulder. “Huh?” she said and flipped the hair on the left shoulder, behind the shoulder. A small chuckle escaped from my lips. “We better get out of her” I said and pulled her with me.

Hours went be and by the time the sun rose over the Eiffel tower Lily and I were absolutely wasted. We had way to many shots, and we had been to all kinds of places, “Lily?” I asked trying to sound ‘normal’ She threw her head backwards and turned around. It nearly looked so cool, but tripped and fell straight into my arms. We both started to laugh, but while I kept laughing at how funny it had looked, Lily suddenly stopped. She stood up straight, and stared at me. “Your phone is vibrating” she said. I really didn’t know what was going on. I slipped my phone out of my pocket and answered it. “Harry? Are you with Lily?” Louis asked in a very serious tone. “yeah, you better come right now. We are outside Madam Thousand” I could hear some noises and then a door closing. Louis hung up and I tried taking care of Lily. She was totally gone. My head was starting to ache, but not much. I did drink some alcohol last night, but I think Lily had a lot more than me.
Lily suddenly looked around. “Harry? Why does the earth spin?” she asked in a low voice, with closed eyes. “Lily, you better sit down. I’ll help you” I said and put my arm around her shoulder. “Harry? Why are you not answering?- and why is the noise fading?” I tried pulling her to sit on the bench, but she refused. “ Thank God” I thought when I saw Louis running towards us. “uhm, you have some serious explaining to do, and how much did she drink?” Louis asked while wondering what to do. “Uhm, well I don’t know, but I do now, that she is becoming very distant” I said and properly looking very worried. Louis scooped her up and started to walk, holding her I his arms in bridal position. “The hotel is not far from here” he said while walking. I just stood there looking at Louis. He turned around  “come on” he said holding, now sleeping, Lily in his arms. I started walking and right now everything seemed unfair. My head was still hurting, i was starting to feel responsable for Lily and i wanted to be in Louis' place holding sleeping Lily in my arms, with her head resting against my chest. 

By the time i came back to the apartment Louis was running around the place fetching water, orangejuice, pills, ice and other things that you need when you have a serious  hangover. My head keeps hurting and i was starting to feel tired, so i sat down at the couch with a bump.  I find a tray being placed in front of me by Liam, who doesn't look too happy. I really think they are blaming me for Lily getting wasted. Big time. Everytime i look around i find someones sceptical gaze. At some point i blame myself for going with her in the first place, and for the first time we went running in the night.   

I went home as fast as I could, when I got there, I found Gemma in her room. She was crying, trying to tell me something, but I really didn’t get much of it. She said something important but all I heard was a lot of things about regretting having sex with someone. “Who?” I asked Gemma, while gently rubbing her back. She wiped her nose with the back of her hand “Zayn” she whispered. I could feel the anger growing inside me. He hurt her. He broke his promise. The promise that we all made a long time ago. He slept with my sister...

That day I blamed myself for not taking care of her, today, I did again.



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