That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


9. Written by: Pantersvanter!

Harry's p.o.v:

I didn't understand anything. Me and Zayn hadn't been talking for about 3 years, or at least not about anything else than him sleeping with her. I was walking after Liam, honestly he didn't look very happy. I kind of knew why. Everytime me and Zayn had seen or spoken to each other, we ended up yelling at each other. After thinking it through i really regret, not just making Liam tell him to go away. The moment i saw Zayn standing there, the anger rose in me like a fire. I was way to close to losing it, so i turned around on my heel. "Harry, wait!" Zayn yelled after me. I turned around and looked into his regretting eyes, like i had done a lot of times during the years. "I'm sorry for not telling you who i had sex with" Zayn said and my eyes widened. "So you DID have sex with her? You just couldn't admit it until now?" I yelled. Zayn shook his head, and behind him stood Liam, who didn't look to good.  I just really couldn't care about that right know. 
"I did NOT have sex with your sister Harry." he said and my eyes widened even more."Oh I know that. But you DID have sex with someone else, and we both know who that is." i yelled, even though Zayn tried not to. "No, you don't know who it is. But you do know her. Or at least you did. Her name is Alison" Zayn went from yelling a little bit, to speaking in a low voice. "Alison?" i asked. I didn't believe it! Gemma's best friend in high school? Everything started to fall into place. So that night when Gemma called and said all kind of things, she was actually talking about Alison? "yes... it was Alison... and i'm not proud of it either" Zayn admitted. I looked at him. At wasn't That angry at him anymore. A one-night-stand with my sisters best friend. I felt like it was a bad thing, but it could be worse. "You shouldn't be" i said "but you know.. at least it was just a one-night-stand, she is probably over that now anyways." i said looking at Zayn in the most apologizing way i could.
His face suddenly got all weird. His lips went tight, his eyes looked kind of scared and his cheeks started getting red. It was a sign of him keeping a secret. "Zayn? what are you not telling me?" i asked, probably looking quiet puzzled. "Uhm.... i'm still sleeping with her sometimes... When i'm feeling down or what ever" Zayn said looking at his feet.

"Duude! you got to end that 'relationship'" Liam said from the back of the room. We both looked at him, but i nodded silently. "Zayn.. Liam is right, you can't have a secret relationship with a girl, who don't know you're just using her." i said in a very low voice. I wasn't sure Zayn even heard me, because he didn't move his head. 

"Guys... you're right! good talk" he yelled while suddenly running out the door.

""GOD! ZAYN! THAT WAS MY SISTER YOU F**KING SLEPT WITH! YOU ASS-HOLE. i TOLD YOU SHE WAS NOT ANYTHING FOR YOU, BUT JUST HAD TO SLEEP WITH HER, HUH?" I completely lost my temper. We were standing in Zayn's bedroom, yelling at each other, because little stupid Zayn, had to do what ever he wanted, without thinking about others. In this case, me. "FOR GODS SAKE, HARRY! CALM DOWN. I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH YOUR SISTER, I DID HAVE SEX BUT NOT WITH HER. OKAY?" Zayn yelled back. I was sure he had sex with her, because she said so. Actually i didn't hear much of what she was saying, but she did mention Zayn, her, sex and regrets in the same sentence. 
That day, we never got to figure things out, today we did. Or at least we got to talk like normal people again." 

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