That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


5. Written by: Pantersvanter!

Niall's p.o.v:

I felt kind of down that Lily couldn't come see Harry, but there was nothing to do. Harry was sick and last time it was because of some kind of girl. That was kind of all i could figure out, from his endless mumbling between his naps. Harry was in such a bad state i had to move him to my apartment, and i slept on a madras on the floor in the living room. Last time he was only sick for about 1 week. But Harry didn't seem to get better and a week was nearly over.

The house was a quiet when i let louis, Liam and myself in. We went into my bedroom, Harry was tangled into the duvet and the blanket was on the floor. His curls were messy and he had drool in the corner of his mouth. I went to the kitchen and took a glass of water for Harry when he decided to wake up. The boys were all looking at Harry with worried ekspressions.
After a while Harry woke up. He still looked quiet sick, but not as bad as earlier. To be quiet honest, I never actually asked if Lily could come as well. It was stupid. "Where's Lily?" Harry asked in a tired voice. I felt stupid. All eyes were resting at me and i didn't know what to answer "uhm.. i thought it was a little to many people at once. Do you want her to come or? I can call her" I don't even know why i said that. I stil had some voice in my head telling me that Harry needed to recover.

”Well… no… i don’t.. know” he was nearly to sick to speak. ”Harry… you can talk to her when you’re better” Liam said in a nice voice, like he was speaking to a child. Harry nodded, making his curls jump around his face. “Well can we go see a movie or something” Harry asked in the same low voice he had been using all day.  “But Harry.. you’re kind of really sick” Louis said.

But Harry insisted and we made popcorn and found a movie to watch. After we were finished, making everything ready for Harry to join us in the living room, we went and helped Harry. It was hard for him, to get out of bed and after that walking. We gently put him on the couch and he fell to sleep. We didn't mind we just started the movie and began watching. 
During the movie, about one hour in, i got a text-message. My phone did a really loud 'pling', making Harry wake up and the others stared at my angrily. I put my phone on silent and slipped it back into my pocket without looking at the display. 
After another hour i decided to check the message. I was from the hospital telling me that Lily had been raped and i was on her contact list of emergency's. Harry looked at me with a worried expression, he actually looked better, but Lily was sure not okay. "Who is it?" Harry asked. The others started to follow our conversation a little bit as well. "Uhm.." i couldn't think straight and Harry was sick and we couldn't just leave him. "It's Lily" i said. "oh no" Harry said under his breath "can we go now, or do you want us to clean this up first?" Harry said touching his forehead as he sat up. "Let's just take it slow" Louis said while moving fast to Harry's side. "No." Harry tried to stand up but Liam pushed him back into his seat. "Guys" Harry complained "She texted us.. or someone did... anyways we got the text an hour ago, and we are just sitting here looking into the air, because i have been sick for a week". "Then let's go" i said leaving the mess in the living room. 

"It was summer and Lily and I were just leaving school when she whispered "i think that guy" she said and nodded in the direction of the boy behind us "is following us". I looked back and saw a boy with weird hair and a dirty sweatshirt walking behind us "Lily, don't have paranoia, a lot of people are leaving school right now. We didn't think more about that the rest of the way home. We always hat a fight of who could reach the front door first, so we had that again. I ran as fast as I could, until i reached the front door. Lily wasn't here, she were always just at my heels, i was just about to go around the corner when i heard Lily scream. I ran as fast as i could until i got the biggest shock of my life. Lily was punching the boy from before until she came running into my arms, half laughing half crying. Nothing happened she were just shocked.

That day she didn't get hurt, today she did."



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