That day

Lily and Niall haven't seen each other for way to long, but one day they meet again.
Lily meets Niall's friends Liam, Louis and Harry, but something is wrong with Harry, every time he's in the same room as Lily. At the sime time Lily is hidding something, but what?


1. Written by: Pantersvanter!

Lily's p.o.v.

The sky was grey and heavy raindrops fell from the sky. I slowly opened the door, took a deep breath and went outside. I should've brought an umbrella, because my coat was to thin and i was beginning to feel the soaked fabrics on my skin.
After walking between different types of shops and cafes for about 10 minutes i suddenly see the cafe were i was meeting with a couple of friends. 

Through the windows i saw Niall raising from his seet, i quickly opened the door and flew into Nialls arms. I hadn't seen him for a long time because of his tour. 

Quick info:

Niall was on tour with his band One Direction, and only had small amounts of time with me. When he was home for a little while, he would spend most of his time with family, not so often friends.  

Niall and me was walking to the table that him and his friends sat with before i came. Niall was talking about him bringing friends, funny things that happened in different parts of the world and a lot of other things. I just laughed at the right times, it was easy for me to pretend that i was listening. 
I was actually more focused on his friends.

"So this is Liam" Niall said while pointing at the guy named Liam. He was just about to carry on saying names and pointing when i stopped him. 

"Niall...." i began "you guys are famous, everyone knows who you are" i finished off giggling. Liam, Louis, Harry and of course Niall were there, and yes i knew their names. I began telling the guys my name shacking their hands finishing off with Harry. 
He send me a smile, but the smile never got to his eyes. He had trouble looking at my face, and it actually looked a little bit like he was in serious pain. 

Louis elbowed him in the side "heeey dude, you usually don't have troubles talking to girls" he said laughing under his breath.
Niall pulled out a chair and held his hand out as a sign for me to sit on it. "Here Lily, you can sit beside shy boy here" he was also laughing at Harry. 

I felt a little bad for Harry with all of them teasing him like that, so i send him a small smile. His gaze moved from me the minute i sent the smile, to Niall who was wondering what to drink. 

"I really don't know if i want hot chocolate or caramel coffee..." Niall said to himself. "Well i would like a caramel coffee" i said, and Niall went to order our drinks. 

Harry was silent, nobody really knew what was wrong with him. "Harry, are okay?" Liam asked trying to make Harry look at him. Harry didn't look up from his hands, he simply shock his head as a sign for 'yes', his curls bouncing on his head. 

As the time flew we had been talking about a lot of different things, and i really began to feel like i had know these boys my whole life. We decided to go home after 3 cups of coffee and 2 pieces of cake each. 
The minute i stepped into my apartment, i could'n stop thinking about a few years back.

"  He definitely didn't look happy, but he was trying to act like nothing had ever happened. His eyes were swirling with anger, i was just sitting there waiting for him to explode and leave me torn in pieces. 
I ensure you, it was not my fault. I didn't do anything. But that's what he thought. He had never been good at handling anger, and i knew that i was never gonna get a moment to explain myself. It was better to just not talk, and let him deal with the anger, until one day, maybe in the nearest future, he would come back to me and i would explain myself. 

That day never came"

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