The Assassin

The Assassin lived though his mother and father's killing. He watched them getting murdered in front of his eyes, and years later he's out for revenge, hunting down his parents killer. His travels bring him back to the past, and reveal the future of the path he is meant to take. And finally as the assassin he will live his fate more by his rules than what destiny had in mind.


7. Chapter 6

     Carson leaned heavily on me as we made our way through the Woods back to the town.  His old uniform was shredded, though I knew he wouldn’t care.  It still bothered me that someone was able to make him do something that he did not want to do.  This was an attack on someone high up in the ranks of the Kingdom, maybe even the High King himself.  I knew none of the other three kings had been targeted, so I was still baffled. 

     Carson groaned.

     “Are we almost there?  My shoulder burns.”  Complaining, complaining, complaining, it was all I ever heard from his mouth.  Would he ever just shut up?  Sighing, I knew if I didn’t say something, he was just going to keep complaining. 

     “No, we are not.  As for your arm, I don’t feel sorry, because it was you who decided that you were going to defy me, when I offered you help.  You’re lucky it wasn’t worse, now stop complaining.”  I knew he was going to open his mouth and say something else, but a sharp jab in the ribs, and he got the message.  It was good to be a little quiet in the Woods, because creatures lived there as well, and we were trespassing.  There were old wives tales about witches that brewed potions to poison the bypassing persons; of course, I did not believe it in the slightest. 

     I finally made out a cottage in the thick of the trees, and decided that whether it was inhabited or not, we were going to look at it, just for the sake of my sanity, and for Carson’s non-stop complaining mouth.  Setting him down next to a tree that was almost next to the house, he sank down, extremely thankful that he could sit.

     “Don’t move.  Stay here, and stay put.”  I commanded him.  Unsheathing a small half sword, I advanced to the house’s door.  A widow was housed in the front, and I glanced in.  It had been dusted over on the outside, indicating that it was currently being unused, of course, that’s what one would want another to think in these Woods.  You never know what people want to be implied to another when you walk alone in the Woods at night.

     I tried the doorknob, and to my small surprise, it was open.  That could not be a coincidence.  Someone was trying to lure another in.  As the door open, it revealed a kitchen that was perfectly polished, and sofas that were in pristine condition.  There was a bed that was made up so well, it looked as though I could curl up and sleep my problems away.  Shaking my head, I cleared all thoughts out. 

     Knowing that I could not risk going somewhere else, I went outside and carried in Carson.  Setting him down on the bed, I began to scrounge around the kitchen to find any means of food it might possess.  The layout of the kitchen was not too different then what my old house used to be: oven in the back, refrigerator to the left, and a sink to the right. Therefore, I got around fairly easy.  I found many means of food: water, canned goods, beer, wine, fruit, and even some chocolate.  The faster the both of us got away from this house the better.  Though it was not haunted, and no means of magical persons exist, I wasn’t worried about being enchanted.

     After I had dressed Carson’s wound, and lit a fire in the hearth, I watched as he fell asleep, and then sat staring into the fire.  It was a cool night and the fire was the only means of heat that existed. 

     The fire began dancing in my eyes and figures, people, and animals entertained my eyes.  Slowly, it became nothing but a flicker of orange and yellows in a bed of white covered coals and embers.  Behind me, the door open, and a voice came through the cottage.

     “Well, well, well, it seems I have a few visitors in my house tonight, come to stay for a surprising delight?”


     "ATTACK! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!"  Rang through the halls of the great castle faster then a bow from an arrow.  Bolting out of bed, I grabbed my gear and strapped it on faster then the eye could see.  My black under cloths covered in silver daggers, knives, blades, throwing stars, and many other silent gadgets were attached by a series of leather straps. 

     As I quietly left my room, I grabbed my black cloak and wrapped it around me like a blanket, instantly vanishing myself from the sight from careless eyes.  My black bow was hanging over my left shoulder, and a katana was over my right along with my arrows.  A heavy saxe knife was in my hand as I made my way to the huge quarters of the High King.

     Huge guards with armor guarded the doors, swords drawn, ready to fight.  I marveled how they could move so easily with all that heavy metal attached to them. Then I looked down on myself and realized that I probably had just as much mental on as they did, just in the form of weapons.  

     Taking out the guards was probably not the best idea when it came to the safety of the High King, so I stepped out of the shadows almost getting impaled by a guard's sword.  Parrying just in time, I brought my saxe knife up and batted the sword away.  In an instant, the other guards were upon me.  Swords came from every direction trying to take me off guard.  Sidestepping most of them and blocking the rest, I shouted over the clanging of metal,

     "You fools!  I am the Assassin, the one who is protecting the King!"  Rage still drove one man to attack, though all others had lowered their weapons.  Behind his heavy metal helmet, the guard's eyes were driven to an insanity look.  A look I had now seen many times before.  A look of no control.  A look of rage.  There would be no way to stop the wildness in the man, other then stop the man himself.  This job really gets old, I thought.  Well, if that's what it would take to ensure the safety of the king, then I would have to do what I had to do.  

     As the man rushed at me again, he abruptly stopped as one of my blades, about as long as my forearm, slid through a gap in his armor and into his heart.  The light died out of his eyes, but the fury stayed until they glazed over.  All the other guards had dropped their weapons and looked at me confused.  Only then did I realize that the attack had come from the King's own guards.  A form was formed around the traitors, though they seemed reluctant to take hold of any of their fellow people.  

     "Assassin, are you okay?"  One of the guards stepped forth, concern and wariness both on his face.  Nodding, I looked around at the scene.  The guards that had attacked were begging the others who were binding them to listen.

     "We didn't know what we were doing!  One minute everything was quiet, the next this Assassin was telling us that he was the one protecting the king.  Please, you must believe us!"  It was not this statement that caught my attention.  No, it was the statement from the other guard that intrigued me.  

     "There were other people!  Their eyes were red, and they were covered in black mist.  My eyes could not be more confused before.  They spoke, but it was nonsense.  Please you must believe me."  Some of the other guards began to laugh.

     "Red eyes?  Black mist?  Sounds like an old wives tale to me.  Your whole battalion just attacked the kingdom, you have committed the highest treason and will pay for it with your lives."  The surrounding group held up their weapons prepared to execute, but I needed to speak with the guard that claimed the Red Eyes had taken over their minds.

     "Wait."  I said startling the standing guards - they had thought I had simply left.

     "Assassin these people -"  I held my hand up waiting for the guard to tapper off talking before I began.

     "I know what these people have done, but enough blood has been spilled tonight as it is.  Put them in the jail and wait until morning.  After that, if they are not killed by sun high, I will personally see to the matter."  

     "We take no orders form you, Assassin, there is no royal blood in your veins, no pureness in your heart.  We take no orders from a child.  We answer to only our top ranking soldier, and he has ordered us to kill these men."  A solider in the back yelled gaining many to agree with him.  They began moving forward once more to kill the men.  Perhaps it was old memories stirring that caused me to react the way I did, or maybe it was just sheer determination to prove myself, whatever it was, I grabbed the nearest man holding a blade to his throat.

     "Let it be clear, I am no child anymore.  I have killed hundreds of people, and I will not hesitate with you.  Fall back at once and throw these men in the dungeon or you will never live to see your family again."  I hissed at them.  

     "Assassin!"  The strong voice of the King cut through the palace.  He swept through his guards like a lion through the underbrush.  

     "What is going on here?...WELL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!"  The guard stuttered to answer.

     "Sire these are the guards that were attacking us, we were told to kill them on the spot.  This child stopped us from doing so."  He spat the last few words out making sure to put stress on "child".  Nodding, the King turned to me, raising an eyebrow and asking for an explanation.

     "These men could be of value to us -"  I began.

     "They speak of red eyed people -"  One of the guards interrupted.

     "I think they could tell us who payed them off to attack."  I finished with haste, making sure the King heard me clearly.  He nodded for sometime, taking into consideration the fact that he had to pick between his guards word or mine.

     "Very well, put them in the prison for tonight.  Assassin you will have until sun high to question these men, after that they will be put up for the Hunt."

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