The Assassin

The Assassin lived though his mother and father's killing. He watched them getting murdered in front of his eyes, and years later he's out for revenge, hunting down his parents killer. His travels bring him back to the past, and reveal the future of the path he is meant to take. And finally as the assassin he will live his fate more by his rules than what destiny had in mind.


5. Chapter 4

     I heard as Carson screamed when he found his master, and how he stared at death in the eyes.  Laughing, I knew that his master was still alive, though he was fading out quickly as his intestines failed.  Maybe this boy could become an asset to me in the future...he was a young servant, though his mind was tampered by the Lord.  My only problem was, Carson was so bound to his master, that should I reveal myself too soon, I would be hunted down and killed on the spot.  For a child murdering a man, is nothing less then a death sentence.

     A few hours later, I watched as Carson carried his master's body out into the fields, and took another 3 hours to dig a hole and bury him.  I did not understand why he was still loyal to this man, the one who abused his people, and beat those around him.  The Lord had been a wife beater, and a drunkard.

    Carson stood by his masters grave for 3 days and nights, only leaving to eat or relive himself.  Finally, the grave was just another grave beside others, and nothing special lived on by the grave.  I watched as Carson left the hill and left the town.  From what I was told, he became a traveler and a traveling merchant.  Some other stories I heard were that he was a big hot shot soldier now.  Or that he had become a famous talent man.  All other stories were lost, but I was determined to uncover the truth.

    "Carson."  I said as I confronted him, a few weeks after searching.  He spun around, sword drawn and ready for use.  

    "Who are you?  How do you know my name?"  Carson replied in a hiss.  The sun was setting, and it was to my back as to blind him from seeing who I was.  

    "I am, as they call me now, the Assassin.  One year from this day, you found your master dying in his bed, a knife plunged into his abdomen."  The sword point lowered to reveal eyes that were older then they should be, touched by hardships, pain, and death.  

    "If you are the Assassin, then you are the one who killed my master, but you are but a child.  No child could have a feat such as that.  If you really are the Assassin, then you should give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you."  Putting my hand on his sword, I lowered it until the point touched the ground.

    "I do not wish to have a conflict, for it really would be a pity if you died.  As for killing me, I can help you, become something better then this.  I can teach you the art of killing, and how to get revenge.  I can help."  

    "You are only a boy.  I have killed at least 10 times more then you have."  With that, he lunged at me, but I had been expecting something like this and pivoted on my back foot avoiding the clumsy attempt at killing me.  Drawing two throwing knives, I threw one to catch his mask, and another to hit his foot in such a way, he would be off balance.  Vibrations rang though his helmet, and he stumbled around.  

     "Like I said, I can help you."  Roaring, he swung again.

    "I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!!  I have the dragons now."  Sighing, I prepared to end this.

    "I hoped that I wouldn't have to kill you, but you leave me no choice.  You are blinded by revenge for you Lord, but he is gone.  I'm sorry Carson.  Good Bye."  


"It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit." - Antoine Rivarol

     The sergeant's head hung, his eyes were dull, and his bonds cut into his wrists.  Blood trickled down his face from a cut that was made, just above his eyes, as to make him blind.  Though I knew his thoughts weren't jumbled, he clearly thought I was an idiot, because he talked in slurs.  So far, I had managed to learn that he was influenced by someone, though I didn't know who.  The King as I heard, was still up in his room sleeping off his drink, and mourning for his brother.

     Groaning, the Sergeant stared up into my eyes. 

     " eyes."  He managed to sputter out. 

     "They had e...eyes of red.  One...night, they"  The Sergeant coughed, "came to me, and told me to kill the King.  Told me I would be rewarded.  I refused.  A hand shot out of a dark black cloak and poured something down my throat.  Next thing I knew, I was at the castle, and I knew that I had to kill the King."  This came as a shock.  I didn't know what to say, so I decided to get more information.

     "Names!  What did they call themselves?"  I snarled in his face, spitting over his already burning eyes.  His head rolled, his hands twitched, and his face scrunched up.

     "I-i-i-i dddonn't r-r-r-rememm-m-ber."  Slapping his face, I was done waiting for answers, and the not knowing.  

     "WHAT DID THEY CALL THEMSELVES!!?"  I roared in his ear.  Flinching back, he stuttered and sputtered, but I could hear nothing over the blood pumping in my ears.  Finally, the now broken sergeant spit out a name.

     "The Immortal Dragons."  That name...where had I heard it before?  The memory wouldn't arise from my brain, but we were done with this, and I got up and left.  

     Wandering though the halls, I knew that the night was old, and the King wouldn't be sober until the next night at least.  

    My feet carried me to the end of the halls, and turned me to the kitchen.  I found myself sitting down and eating a hard block of cheese and some hard bread; a glass of ale beside me.  The window next to me showed me the court yards and the stables.  Old man Harvy was still awake in the loft, and probably tending to the hunting dogs.  

     Our stable master wasn't that old, but he had more experience behind himself amongst animals then any other.  Within our massive kingdom, our three sectors have seen no man better fit to take care of the animals then old man Harvy.  Some said that he could talk to the animals, others had myths that they talked to him, I say that he's got a connection with all animals no matter which kind.  He's even tamed wolves before.  

     The stable door opened and a huge figure stepped out, the bulk of the man taking up most of the stable frame.  A horse followed him, and a few other dogs trotted faithfully at his heels.  He shouldered a crossbow with a light attached to the inside.  Probably out to hunt a while.  With a thin piercing whistle, Harvy mounted up and sped off into the wood.  Only he had permission to hunt in the woods around the castle, well he was the only one who wasn't part of the royal family who was allowed to.  

    One thought lead to another, and soon I began thinking of the king.  I wondered if the King was any different from the condition he was in before, though I doubted it.  The amount of ale he had drunk was enough to knock him out for several days, though I knew he'd be fine in a few hours.  

     Though it was dark, some part of the castle was always awake, and I listened to the sounds of the castle.  A clang here, a bang there, or a voice drifting from one corridor to another.  The sounds of toasting and story telling came from the barracks that were inside the castle as each soldier tried to one up each other.  Laughing and friendliness thrived in the castle of the High King. 

     The burden of running the Kingdoms was heavy, but the High King carried it like it was a feather, light and capable.  The wit that was stored in the King's brain was sure to amaze anyone, for he had been in many a battle, and seen much on the fields.  He was a king that would always be fair and just no matter the situation.  He had been fair to me, and my sister, and that was all I ask.  

     I sat so long at the table that the light began flooding the room, and servants filling the kitchen.  Armelle hadn't showed up, and I didn't know what to feel.  On one had, it was good to be able to talk to my sister, but on the other, she thinks that I am dead.  If she knew that I was still alive, and that I was there in the castle, and no less the Assassin destine to kill anyone the King wishes.

     I exited the kitchen before it got too busy, and slipped into the King's quarters.  His eyes looked clear, so I assumed that he had gotten over the night before's little drink mess up.  Deciding not to say anything about what happen that night, I reported to him.

     "Sir - "  However, he stopped me before I could say anything really.

     "Assassin, don't protect me from the truth.  I am aware that I was drunk, and that my brother was to be questioned last night.  Please tell me what is happening."  Sighing, I restated what I was going to say.

     "Sir, your brother has been questioned, and he was found to possess knowledge that could prove very valuable to ourselves..."  I continued on to explain what he had told be about the Immortal Dragons, and how I had thought I heard the name before.  He nodded and listened, saying nothing as I explained all that had happen.  

     "So, what do you plan to do with my brother?"  Was all he asked when I was finished.

     "I was planning to let that fall into your hands, King.  He is, after all, your brother, your majesty."  

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