The Assassin

The Assassin lived though his mother and father's killing. He watched them getting murdered in front of his eyes, and years later he's out for revenge, hunting down his parents killer. His travels bring him back to the past, and reveal the future of the path he is meant to take. And finally as the assassin he will live his fate more by his rules than what destiny had in mind.


4. Chapter 3

     The room was dark, no lights were on, and the shadows welcomed me with writhing arms.  Slipping through them with no sound at all, I entered through a door at the back of the room.  Here was the hidden room to the lord that abused his folk, who drunk every night, and awoke in the morning just to beat his others.  It was time for his reign to end.  

     Earlier that day, while he drunk away at a table, I had 'accidentally' knocked into him, and slipped a little dose of poison into his drink, just enough to start making him feel very sick.  Someone entered the room behind me, though the shadows cloaked me, so that I was almost invisible.  This new person carried wet rags, and a bucket to the quarters of the sick lord.  His face, a mix of sorrow and joy, was grimy, and he was obviously a servant.  The door clicked open as he pushed on it, and shut behind him. 

     Through the walls, I could hear him say,

    'Master, my lord, I have brought don't get up, just drink, and let me lay this upon your forehead...yes, my lord, you will be just fine.  It was probably food poisoning or a bug you may have caught.'  I slyly smiled at the mere truth in which his words carried.  Food poisoning was an understatement.  I let them converse for another minute, and was just about to walk to the door, when the door opened again, letting out the servant who had been attending to the lord.  His bucket was empty, water all poured out or drunk.  He slipped back out into the hallway, and I listened as his footsteps faded down the hall.  I had to act now.

     Quietly, I pushed on the door that now stood in the middle of me and my target.  As it clicked open, I saw the lord open his eyes a crack.

    'Is that you, Carson? Have you come back so soon?'  So the boy's name was Carson.  I tucked that away in my memory for another time.  Remembering the high pitched voice of the boy, I imitated the boy's voice was well as I could.

     'Yes, my lord, it is I.  I have come with more water for you, and a drink, if you should wish.'  I lifted a glass of cool water to his lips, and poured it gently down his throat.  Then, I took out a knife, whose blade was as cool as ice.  Placing it atop his head, it acted as a cool rag.

     'You are a murderous person, traitor to the people.  You have beaten your people, and sentenced other innocents to death.  So now, you will pay the price of death.  Yes, your drink was poisoned, but just enough so I could talk to you before I killed you.'  His face filled with fear, and as he tried to call out, he choked on his own blood as his lungs failed, and his heart slowed. 

     'Who are you?'  He whispered.

     'I am the one who brings justice to the people, and kills those who do not.  You can call me the Assassin.' As those final words were spoken, I removed the knife from his head and plunged it into his heart.


"Those special memories of you will always bring a smile, if only I could have you back, for just a little while.  Then we could sit and talk again, just like we use to do.  You always meant so much

and always will do too.  The face that you are no long here will always cause me pain, but you're

forever in my heart until we meet again." - Anonymous


     It was night, and the Sergeant sat alone bound to a chair in a room of all steel.  His wounds had been bound, and he had been given hard bread and water to drink.  He still wasn't strong enough to withstand torture, so I decided to take a little walk around the castle.  The stairs seemed too much effort to climb, so I wandered around the first floor, until I came to the kitchen, which by my surprise, I found the High King.  He sat at the cooks table, a mug of ale next to him.  I watched as he took a deep draft of it and swayed as he mumbled to himself.  

     "Brother, you were something different, yes, I may have been bigger then yourself, but I am surely fair.  I trusted you, loved you, and cared for you.  Instead, I got backstabbed.  Planning murder of your own brother."  So I was right, the sergeant was the King's brother.  I knew that I was over stepping a boundary by stepping into the kitchen, but I did so anyway.

     "My King, please, allow me to take your burden, and let your weariness rest until the morning.  When the sun arises, it will be over."  His bright blue eyes had been dulled by the ale, and his face was sunken in grief.  His crown lay beside him, and his robes were off.  Without everything on him, he seemed almost vulnerable, like a knight looks without armor, I suppose.  

     "Ahh, Acssagssien."  The King's words were slurred as he talked, with his head bowed at such an angle, that anymore, and it would practically fall off.  

     "Meyyyy broottthhr haes betyd meee, anndd it seaims as thugh I amm drruuk."  I moved swiftly, catching the King as he swayed too far right and unbalanced his chair.  I grunted at the brunt of his weight, for gravity had almost won the battle.

     "Yes, I know my King, but now, you must rest.  Come, let me take you to your chambers."  Propping him back up, I called two guards in.  Their faces shocked to see that their own King was laying helpless beside them.

     "Move swiftly, let no one else see you, for the King in this state, is no King at all in some minds.  If you should succeed, you will both be promoted within the ranks before you even know what is happening.  Fail, and your family will no longer know your face, or see you come home.  Do we have an understanding?"  Both saluted and took the King from the seat.  

     "Oh, and make him some coffee, it should help with the side effects of the ale."  As they backed out, I sat down on the stool.  Facing me tonight, and the early parts of the morning, was the torture of a man that was once worthy amongst the ranks of the army, well respected and wanted, something had to have gone wrong.  I already knew that he was the younger brother of the King, so there was obviously sibling rivalry growing up.  The oldest took the throne, so jealousy would play a part in the sergeant's role, as well as if he did kill his brother, he would become King.  So that left the question of, what the heck did the Sergeant disagree so much with the King on, that he would to at such an extreme of killing, to get his way?

     Tonight would be the night I find out the answer to the question.

     "Excuse me, sir?"  Startled to not have heard someone come in, I looked up only to see the face of my sister.

     "Yes, Lady?"  I made my voice deeper, and gruffer so as not to be recognized.  I remember that, before I had left, I had trained her in the art of quietness.  I was happy that the lesson had been taken so well.

     "I hope I am not intruding on your night drink, I came for a piece of bread know, you look an awful lot like my older brother, of course you aren't because he is no longer around, but if you were just a little younger and I took off some of the hair..."  her voice grew faint as if a memory had taken her thousands of miles away.

     "Oh!  You must excuse me, Sir.  It must be weird to hear someone talk of how you look of another when you're sitting right here.  I will just get my bread and go, I am terribly sorry, I am not even of the royal blood, or a servant."  Blushing, she began backing away,

     "No please, it is okay, what is your name?" 

     "Armelle, and yours?"  I had no recollection of what my name was, I had been 'Assassin' for so long, I got lost in the real identity of myself.

     "It is a beautiful name.  Though I have no name I can remember, you may call me whatever you wish, Lady."  Her face grew distant once more as she pondered what I had said.

     "Then I will call you Ezra.  It was my brother's name, and you look very much like him..."  It surprised me that she remembered my name that long ago, a name even I had forgotten.  It seemed as though, she remembered me.  Not in a bad way, but in the good.  Taking a deep breath, I replied.

     "Ezra..." The name felt weird on my tongue.  I had, of course, been called that before, but to hear the name again is something I would always remember.  

     "It is a good name, and very well spoken."  Wondering if she was given any details on my "death", I inquired,

     "May I ask, how did you lose your brother?"  Pain filled her eyes as she thought back to the past.  The haunting memories seemed to jump from her mind as I felt the pain she felt that day that she heard I was dead.  Anger, loss, hurt, pain, loneliness, and unknowing jumped from her memories.  I felt the wall of her pain, just by looking into her eyes.  I wanted to jump out and embrace her, tell her I was here and alive.  Keep her close, and never let her go again.  Though hard discipline kept me glued to the chair; knowing that if I told her now, she would reject the mere thought of me.  One solitary tear rolled down her cheek, streaking her face clean in it's path.

     "I'm sorry, my lady, I did not mean to upset you."  Beginning to get out of my chair and head to the door, Armelle caught hold of my arm.

     "No, no you didn't upset me..." the choked out words almost made me scream out to life saying, 'why would you do this to my sister?'

     "My brother and I were attacked one night when I was 4, and he 5.  One man stood alone, as I heard from him.  Anyway, that night, my brother told me to hide under the covers while he saw what was happening.  That same night, he was sliced open with a knife on his face..."  Oh hell, I had forgotten that I still bore the scar on my face, though my hood kept it hidden, I was afraid she would notice.

     "A couple from the village took us in, though my brother never called it home.  Always venturing off, not telling me where he went or what he was doing.  Every time I would see him, his eyes were hard and there was no love in them.  It's like it was all sucked away, gone into an oblivion that I couldn't see into.  When he came back one night, something haunted his eyes, something close to death.  The next day, he was pronounced dead.  He never got up out of bed after that." Armelle's face had hardened, and she didn't seem sorry for what she had just said.

     "I don't know if I feel sorry that my brother died.  I heard that he was responsible for at least ten men's deaths."  She lowered her voice and leaned closer to me as if a secret was being told.

     "I also heard that the King has brought in a supposed 'Assassin.' of course, I don't believe it.  Whoever it is, I would have to guess is a fraud, and couldn't kill anyone."  I didn't know how to react to that.  My sister was calling me a fraud, yet she had never met the Assassin, and, her brother was supposedly dead.

     "Is that so?"  Was all I could think of to say.  My eyebrows raised as in question.

     "Yes, and- " Whatever she was to say next was cut off by a soldier that marched into the kitchen.  Bending down to my ear, he whispered, 

     "The King has been escorted safely back to his quarters, no one saw.  The Sergeant is ready to be interrogated, making a bloody racket as well."  A salute was shared between us and he backed away.  Now, I noticed that he was of British decent, for his accent was faint, but it was there.  Along with his use of the word "bloody," one would be able to decipher as much.

     "My Lady, I must be going now, for I am needed else where.  It has been good speaking with you, and I hope to see you around sometime.  Good night."  Bowing again at her, I backed out of the kitchens with her watching me with an all too familiar look.

     I hope to see you around sometime?  Really?  I silently scolded myself for the slip up that could cause some very large problems amongst my time of serving the King.  For my sister and I, meeting up again and again would not bode well should she become close again.

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