The Assassin

The Assassin lived though his mother and father's killing. He watched them getting murdered in front of his eyes, and years later he's out for revenge, hunting down his parents killer. His travels bring him back to the past, and reveal the future of the path he is meant to take. And finally as the assassin he will live his fate more by his rules than what destiny had in mind.


3. Chapter 2

"Forgiveness doesn't excuse their behavior.  Forgiveness prevents their behavior

from destroying your heart." - Anonymous


     The days had passed by smoothly, and I slowly settled into a routine.  I would wake to a dark sky, and practice my knives and fighting skills.  As the sun came up, I would report to the High King, and he would give me the daily run down.  My sister had come to the castle a few fore nights before, and I had to be careful to avoid her.  I would find myself in an office or bedroom that was related to the court participants, and going through every last thing, I would pronounce it clear.  

     That was, until I came to  Sergeant Major of the Army's quarters.  Weapons lined the room, knives, swords, daggers, and every other type of weapon on Earth.  As I came up to his bed, it was neatly tucked and almost perfect.  My eye spotted the left top corner of the bed slightly askew.  No one would've noticed it except for a highly skilled eye in detail.  Maybe even the Sergeant didn't notice it.  I approached the bed, and untucked the covers.  Two sheets of paper fell out, and they were carefully folded, so precise that I could've sworn they had never been open.  Unfolding them, I smoothed them out so I could read the print that it was home to.

Sergeant Major of the Army.

You are asking many of us to go against our High King.

To kill him,would be treason of the highest kind,and cannot be tolerated.

 Therefore,I,and all you have asked are resigning from the army.

You would do good to be careful with what you ask.

- Sergeant First Class and others

     My brain rushed to comprehend.  So the Sergeant Major had asked his lowers to kill the High King, though they had refused.  I looked at the other note.

Sergeant First Class and Others.

You are going against direct orders from your higher class.

You will be punished for it greatly.

Hope that it's not with your life.

- Sergeant Major of the Army

    The sound of an opening door made me spin around to come face to face with the Sergeant himself.  He was a good deal taller than me, and he was stocky.  Probably most of it was muscle.  His face was round, and his proportions were of good length.  Taller then most, he held himself high, and he had scars from battle.  His eyes were bright blue, like the kings, but they were different, hardened somehow.  His muscle rippled as he moved, and his face had a permanent mask of anger etched on it.  If his face was a little leaner, and maybe his eyes dulled to a darker color, add a little facial hair, it could resemble the man that destroyed my family.

     But alas, it was not.  What a pity.  I would have to kill another man before I was any step closer to finding the man that murdered my parents that one peaceful night.  I still remembered the scream, the scream of terror my mom had brought when that man had come into our house, and into my life.  Still hunting ruthlessly, that man would stand no day to have a trial in court, he would be killed by my hand.  The Sergeant jarred me from my thoughts as he began talking.

     "You, what are you doing in here?"  He pointed a finger in my face, trying to intimidate me.  Well, I had gone up against men twice his size, and seeing how I was still standing here...well that should imply something.

     "I am permitted all access to the quarters of all participants of the Court.  Even you know this.  It seems as though you have been conspiring against the High King himself."  His face turned red with rage, and he grabbed at his sword strapped to his side.  I had expected him to do something of this sort, and faster then he could move, I had a knife on his throat.  A look of surprise came over him, and he stopped moving.

     "Good, at least you know that if you move, the knife will move with your throat, and maybe even slip a little.  Now, I'm sure you've heard of me.  I'm very well known around here now.  You know, I take the lives of those who tick me off, and you're getting pretty close to that point, so I would suggest you just admit that you were going to kill the High King, so I can get this over with and kill you."  Laughing, he demonstrated that he was very sure of himself, and didn't think a 15 year old boy could kill him.

     "You?  You're not even old enough to have killed a bunny!  I will never admit to it.  You'll have to kill me."  I nodded as if thinking about if I should let him live or die.  I stabbed him in both calves, where it would hurt, significantly, but wouldn't disable him.

     "If you're doubting my ability to kill, then you are wrong.  I will kill you.  Unfortunately, the High King is wanting to talk to you at the moment.  GUARDS!"  Two guards came running in, swords drawn, at attention.  I saw as they hesitated about what they were supposed to do.  On one hand, they had their commander and chief, and on the other, they had me, a notorious killer.

     "I know that this is your superior in the ranks of an army, but I am your superior in the ranks of the kingdom.  Tie this man up, for he is a traitor to the kingdom, and I will make sure that you advance in the army for you services.  As you may have heard, a Sergeant was attempting to kill the King, and this is him.  So please, do yourself good, and tie this man up."  I got the better of their minds, and they saluted me, grabbing the now pained sergeant, they tied him to the bed with some twine they had with them.  Pointing to one of the men, 

     "Please, go get the High King and tell him to meet the Assassin in the living quarters of the Sergeant Major of the Army, and tell him that I've found the traitor."  

     "Sir!"  Jogging down the corridors, I watched him disappear through the twists and turns of the maze of the halls.  Turning back to the remaining soldier, 

     "Please, make sure that he's patted down for any weapons, remove his armour, and take his medals and any indication that he was ever part of the army.  Shave his head to signify that he is a traitor.  Keep him bound."  I took a seat in the chair at his desk, watching as he withered and squirmed against the bonds tying him.  

     "You'll never get away this, ever, boy."  Spitting at me, but having the spit come right back down in his face, he yelled a string of curse words and shook the bed with as much force as he could muster.  He was already weakening from his thigh wounds, so as he shook with rage, they slowly became shivers of pain.  A loud boom, and a yelling of a voice pronounced the King had arrived, and was very angry.  The loud boom, had been the door flying open and hitting the wall, so hard it dented in the wall.  The King's eyes blazed with fury as he strode in, 


     "Assassin, do you have any evidence that he is, in fact the traitor?"  Handing him the pristine letters, he unfolded them, and read them with an eye like a hawk.  I watched as his face changed emotions from horror to respect, and hurt to sadness.  Finally, his face became another stone mask of no emotion.

     "Do what you wish.  If you think that there is something else we must know from him, then get that information.  I want you in my quarters when you are finished."  He swept out of the room, but as he left, I saw a tear roll down his perfect cheek.  My mind raced to figure what that meant.  The King would not ever cry if this wasn't of meaning to him.  Both men were not old, but not in their prime either.  The King was a bit older it seemed, though the Sergeant wasn't far behind him either.  Then I remembered their eyes.  Both of them had bright blue eyes, and could not be missed.  The Sergeant was the High King's brother.

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