The Assassin

The Assassin lived though his mother and father's killing. He watched them getting murdered in front of his eyes, and years later he's out for revenge, hunting down his parents killer. His travels bring him back to the past, and reveal the future of the path he is meant to take. And finally as the assassin he will live his fate more by his rules than what destiny had in mind.


2. Chapter 1

"And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." - Anonymous


     It had been 10 years since my parents were killed, and I was now 15.  A scar still ran down my face, and my left eye had not regained it's vision in the slightest.  My sister had been taken into a home with a loving set of people, and they offered to take me in as well, though I did not like being under one roof too long, after what I saw that night.  I became a street runner, and began my killing when I was 7.  I only killed men who were not worthy of living, drunkards, other killers, rapers, drug dealers, abusive folk.  

     Over the years, I had refined my ways of killing to not just stabbing, but poisons, hangings, and other means as well, depending on the crime of the folk.  When I was 12, the high king, King Hertence had caught wind of me, and began trying to summon me.  I ignored the summons at first, for I thought if I revealed myself, I would surely be hanged.  Then just yesterday, a final summon had come.


The court needs your help. 

Please, we will all die without you.

     I was still debating, why should I, a measly 15 year old killer, present myself to the High King of the three sectors?  He had the power to kill me with a wave of his hand, with one spoken word, I would be dead beside his feet.  Then again, if he did want me for another reason, perhaps a good one, I could get good fortune for my sister, who thought I was dead.  The night I left the house with the nice folk, I was presumed dead, even to my sister, and I let it stay that way.  Better her not know who I had become in my hunt for revenge for my father.  

     Getting up and dusting the grime off my clothes, I slinked through the shadows of the houses until I could see the mighty castle.  I played through what would happen in my mind.  If I felt as though it was a trap when I got to the castle gates, I would escape before the guards could even lay a hand on me.  If in fact, I felt as though it was a benefit to me, I would stay.  

     I continued my trek to the castle.  It was a fine night, a soft breeze was blowing, and the humid air made it warmer, and felt like I was enveloped in a blanket so tight, that it would smother me, but not so.  The moon hung low in the sky, and its position gave the hour of one or two in the morning, a few clouds hung around the moon, making it look like it was a shinning halo.

     As I emerged from the darkness, giving the standing guards a jump.

     "Who are you?"  Demanding that I say something.  I debated what to say.  The letter I had received had addressed me as "Assassin", so I assumed that's what they wanted me to call myself.  I rarely ever spoke, and if I did, it was to speak the final words to the people I was killing.  My voice was rough, and it seemed as it should belong to someone thrice my age.

     "The Assassin."  Snapping to attention, they open the gates.  It revealed a massive door, that was at least twice the size of my old home.  The next guards open that too; like a domino effect.  The second doors revealed a long hall, and a line of torches flickering with reds, oranges, yellows, and whites.  The shadows danced on the walls as the flames changed and shifted in their metal containers.  Guards were lined up in two rows lining the hall.  As I walked down the hall, each guard snapped to attention as I passed, placing one hand to their forehead, and he other in a fist over the middle of his chest.  

     Another man, dressed in purple robes and holding a clipboard, scuttled over to me.

     "You?  You're the one who claims you're the assassin?"  Looking me over with a questioning eye, he looked doubtful that I was even fit to claim.  Not having time for this, I looked him in the eye, with my gold/brown eyes, and practically growled at him.

     "Yes, I am the assassin, and I've killed everyone who has ever questioned me, do not think for one second, that just because you live in a castle under the High King, that I will not hesitate to kill you."  His face became a mask of horror, as he scuttled again, he muttered something I caught as,

     "Did you kill you're sister too?"

     In a second, I had him pinned to the wall, holding him by his collar.  I heard clanking of metal as the guards moved to pry me off.  Still deadly quiet, I responded.

     "You've all heard of me, and if you touch me with one of those hands of yours, you can garuntee that your family will not be alive in the morning."

     The sound of metal was heard again, and they shifted back into attention.  Huh, so they will follow what I say if I threaten them...good.  I'll remember that.  Then again, everyone did what I said if it meant their life was on the line.

     "Put him down, Assassin."  Another figure appeared, and he was not afraid to hold himself high.  His voice was crisp and pristine.  It cut through the air like a knife through butter.  The robes he wore were draped upon him ten fold, he wore jewels down his neck and his arms.  The crown upon his head shimmered and glimmered as he moved his head.  I let go of the man's collar and he fell to the floor with a thud that echoed though the corridors.  I did not bow, I did not even give a slight of my head to acknowledge he was higher than me.  

     I just stood there looking at him assessing me, though there was no judgement in his eyes.  It wasn't like I thought it would be.  Instead of intimidating, he was softer then he was portrayed.  There was no hardness in his eyes, nor evil in his heart, that much I knew.  

     "Come, we have a lot to discuss."  His hand was older, maybe late 50's or early 60's.  It shook as he beckoned me to his quarters.  I moved silently as I followed him, his pace was swift, though he favored his left leg.  It must've happen in his youth, for it wasn't as pronounced as would be a fresher wound.  Leading me deeper into a maze of hallways and corridors, I memorized every detail my brain would let me cram in; one left at the statue of a lady who looked like she was going to fall over, a right at a picture of a guy who looked ridiculous in his cloths, straight down this hallway, though double doors...eventually, I just remembered my way by the ridiculous things they had in the castle.  Servants with a dark shade of purple garbs passed us more frequently as we got deeper into the heart of the castle.  They carried platters of silver shined and polished so much, you could make a mirror shatter in it's presence it was so shiny.

     "Ahh, here we are."  The High King's voice cut through my thoughts of observation.  He pushed open yet another set of doors, revealing a huge room.  A king sized bed was in the middle of the the room and draped over, was a veil, so sheer, it seemed like mist.  The bathroom almost seemed bigger then the main room itself; the bathtub the size of a whole room that I used to stay in.  

     "Please, sit."  He motioned for me to take a chair as he sat in a huge one, bigger then himself.  I surveyed the room yet again before taking my seat.  Within the folds of his cloths, he was bound to have a knife, or other means of weapon, though I couldn't blame him, for I was the Assassin, and he the High King.

     "Where should we start?  Ahh yes, I've heard all about you, killing those who were unworthy of being alive.  Those who hurt others just for the sake of hurting, or who liked to kill.  Yes, you've spared the lives of many in my kingdom, so for that, I must thank you."  I nodded, for I had no words.  He sighed, and his shoulders slumped.

     "What has our worlds come to?  A 15 year old being thanked for killing..."  He went on to mumble and grumble about how our world worked mysteriously, and how we should take everything for it is, and wish nothing more.  Eventually, I got very bored with what was being said.

     "High King, what did you need from me?  You said that you would all die if I wasn't present so please, tell me what you mean."  He looked at me intently, and I met his gaze unflinching.  Sighing again, he responded.

     "The court does need your help.  We believe that there is someone who is going to try and kill a very high powered court member very soon.  Though we have no idea who.  Should he take out one of our court, then he is one step closer to taking over my seat.  We need you to hunt him down and kill him, quietly."

     "Excuse me, but what do I get out of helping your sorry butt to keep the throne?"  Laughing quietly, he responded.

     "My sorry butt has some very high seatings in various places.  If you have something you wish to happen, name it and it will happen."  I narrowed my eyes at him, nothing could come at that price without some loophole in it.

     "There's something else you want.  What is it?"  

     "You don't miss anything do you?"  Taking my silence as a no, he continued.

     "Should you succeed in this job, then you will be offered a position as our personal Assassin, taking out people who are threats amongst our kingdom.  Of course, if you fail, you'll be dead of course."  I knew that I wouldn't be dead at the end of this assignment, so that wasn't a worry for me.

     "And if I don't take the job as your personal 'Assassin?'"  I air quoted my "title".

     "You won't be penalized for it if that's what you're wondering.  You'll also be given 9,000 tins for your work."  I almost fell back right then and there.  9,000 tins?  That was more then I had seen in my life, heck, I was lucky if I even got 1/2 of a tin.  I thought about what I would do.  If I asked something for my sister, he may agree.  She could finally have the life she deserved, not one of fear.

     "Very well, I will work for you, for this one mission, and then I'm leaving.  If I find that you are lying to me, then I will not only destroy your whole court, but I will kill you slower and more painfully then anything you could imagine."  Finally some fear flickered in his eyes, though he was quick to hide it.

     "Good, what do you wish in return?"

     "The only thing I require for this service is that my sister is given a room in this castle along with protection from anything that might come to harm for her.  She may not know that I'm alive, tell her it's a pardon from the castle or something.  I wish for her to bring anyone she wishes into the castle as well to either stay, or keep her company."  Surprise lit his face.

     "That is all you wish?  Nothing for yourself?"

     "No, I wish nothing for myself.  The only thing I require is all the gear I will need, and access to the quarters of all your court members."  

     "That will be arranged shortly.  It is good to work with you, Assassin."  I rose up and shook his hand.  His bonier hand against my rough, killing hand.  With that one handshake, my whole destiny was set out in a matter of seconds.  My sister would finally get what she deserved, and I would become what I was meant to be.  An Assassin.

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