My Apocalypse

The name is based on the song "My Apocalypse" by Escape The Fate. So the guy in the story is also named Ronnie, but it isnt Radke.

Caydence is a young woman who is a regular person, or as it seems. She is 20, and lives in the middle of the woods.... She is alone in a crumbling house.... But alone and isolated for good reasons......

Ronnie is a bad boy, always had been since 9th grade when he had his first sip of a beer and his first cigarette. He likes what most bad boys like; pretty girls, money, and screwing with people. He is 22, and lives in an apartment in the city.
Ronnie doesn't know what one woman can really do......


2. Cabin In The Woods



I felt my head pounding the second I woke up. I put a hand on it and it stung like fucking hell. "Fuck...." I opened my eyes wide and realized I was outside of a house in the middle of the woods. I looked around and saw no streets of the city. "Well I guess I'm deep in some place." I got up and grabbed a tree branch for support. "God I knew I shouldn't have followed that stupid cunt inside that house..." I felt dizzy and then I felt a drop hit me in the face. Then continuous drops. Fuck. Rain. I crawled to the house and got up the few short steps. I jiggled the knob to open it. Locked. Then I kicked open the door. I've had some experience with this. I made my way through and then I could see an ominous glow from one room. I opened the door and I looked upon  something I had only heard of... I looked upon a flaming angel. It was dark all except this being tied in chains, knees to the ground, and the silent sobs coming from it. I creeped around it to get a closer look. I was being a dumb ass and not looking where I was going and walked into a desk. "Ow fuck." I whispered as I looked down and then back up to see the being starting at me. I looked into its face and it looked to be a girl. "You should not be here....." She whispered. "What the fuck are you?....." "I said, YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE!" She screamed at me and yanked at the chains on the walls. She backed herself away. "I-.... I'm s-sorry. Bu-but you need to leave.... Now." I crept closer until I was right in front of her. Her face was pale and covered in dirt. Her hair was a blonde with darker streaks. Her eyes were dark blue, almost black. "Please.... Tell me what you are?" She sighed. "I'm a demi-demon..... I am Caydence, daughter of Morgana and Doraemon." I backed away. "My father was killed against the war fighting your father...." "I'm sorry. I was not conceived until after the war when my mother was offered to him as peace..... I know nothing but the many families who were destroyed by my father.... He destined for me to rule but not tyranny over people. He wanted me to be a ruler.... But I refused and wanted to become one of you normal humans. But my life has been hell, and its because of my abilities....." "Well what are your abilities?" "You don't want to know the abilities my father has given me....."

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