Craving Desires ( Punk H.S )

London , a place that has turned into a very dark city.
This city is ruled by a gang , what ever goes here is in control of them .
who are they ?
they are someone you never want to mess with .
But Harry here , is the leader , he has a OCD , and he is very possessive and dominating and has anger issues .
A girl name kyle unfortunately crosses his path at the wrong time and he sets his eyes on her and has a craving desire to have her , to possess her to make her mine and only his.


3. chapter 3

it has been 9 days since i had last heard from Mr creepy guy . i had locked all my windows and doors and tried not to go outside . and to my luck it has been a very dreadful but some what safe week , no notes , no nothing and im thankfull for that .

today i had decided to pay a visit to a caffe that had just opened recently . i decided to put on a blue shirts and white jeans and my sneakers to go along with it , applied my lip balm and went out . today the weather was nice , it was sunny and very pleasent . i was just passing by an ally when i heard a voice . me being to curious cat i decided to have a look . i took a few steps forward to be greeted by darkness , it was indeed dark and creepy , the walls had fadded paint and bricks were on view , some trash bins were there , i walked further into the ally when suddenly i was pusshed against the wall and a strangers hand were around my eyes and the other took my hands and pinned them above my head , i was trapped between his body .

i opened my mouth to scream but as if the stranger had heard my thoughts .

"dont even think about it 'Kitten' " his husky voice whispered . i stood still , it was him , thatd creepy guy . i tried to push him off but it was of no use .

" please let me go , what did i do to get this ? " i asked and begged him to leave me the hell alone .

but he dipped his head on my neck and i felt his lips sucking on my delicate skin , it was painful as his lips worked on my skin , bitting , nibbling and licking , trying to create a hicky .

" please stop " i wimpered .

with one last blow he stopped .

"your mine and only mine do you get that " he whispered

anger flooded through me and i tried to shake him off.

" no ! i dont belong to you , who the hell do you think you are huh , trying to send those notes and that fucked up stuff you do wont scare me so leave " i shouted at him but he had no effect .

"oh kitten you are mine , say it because if i get angry you have no idea what i can do to you and i hate to hurt whats mine , so say it " he hissed .

i stood still and didnt say a word , i wont let him win , i stood my ground .

" say it ! " his voice was calm but filled with dominance . i didnt move and thats when i felt his hand leave my hands and made its way down my body and stopped at the top of my jeans . i tried to wiggle out of his grip but failed .

" say it now will you " i couldnt see but i knew he had a smirk on his face . it was evident . i then felt his hand dip inside my jeans .

" please stop " i begged him

" say the magic word kitten " he wispered

" never " i refused to declare myself as his .

he then opened my front button and soon his hand was inside my panties , i could feel the coldness of his rings against my aching core and i tried to wiggle out but i couldnt .

" please stop , let me go " the words rushed out of me .

"say it now ! " he growled at my face and his finger dipped inside my pussy .

" stop " i yelled .

and he thrust it back inside and again dipped it inside , it hurted and i tried to stop him but failed .

then suddenly a police siren was heard and he backed away from me and as soon as his hand went away from my face , my vision was blurred and as soon as i got it back he was gone .i quickly closed my jeans and i was about to run when i got a text .

" i will come tonight to seduce you saying it , love you " 


 guys please tell me how it is and i have my exams going on so please wait till they are done .

Ariana .

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