Craving Desires ( Punk H.S )

London , a place that has turned into a very dark city.
This city is ruled by a gang , what ever goes here is in control of them .
who are they ?
they are someone you never want to mess with .
But Harry here , is the leader , he has a OCD , and he is very possessive and dominating and has anger issues .
A girl name kyle unfortunately crosses his path at the wrong time and he sets his eyes on her and has a craving desire to have her , to possess her to make her mine and only his.


2. chapter 2

Harry ( pov )


it wasn't the same . not at all , the way i kissed the girl in front of me i couldn't get the strawberry lip balm taste out of her ,the taste was more like of smoke , besides that her lips didn't molded against mine perfectly like hers did , she had no bone of innocence inside her but my 'kitten' every thing about her was innocent , i couldn't get her out of my mind even when right now i was thrusting inside her and hearing her moans , it did not satisfied me , i started to thrust inside her fast but still i could not satisfy my self , my 'kitten' kept on coming in my mind , i soon pulled out of her .

"what the fuck , come back , im not done yet " she yelled

"shut up bitch " i snarled

i was about to leave when i heard her call me a jerk and that set me off , with in a second i had my gun in my hand and shoot her on her head and made my way out , i have to meet the gang at the new club .

Kyle ( pov )

after my small encounter with ' H.S ' i decided to go back and get ready for the club , the things i have to do for my psycho friend . i made my way towards my room and looked inside my closet .

" what to wear , what to wear " i kept on mumbling , then after a few minutes or so i gave up and decided to go with a blue silk shirt along with white tights and white pumps to match with . i quickly got ready and waited for Amanda to call .

i decided to watch some T.v and the news was on .

"great " i mumbled

"it has reported to say that once again a girl has been found dead inside a club and the police have informed us that this has to do with Harry Styles , as he leaves a mark of 'H.S' on his victims .........."

i couldn't concentrate on the reporter , my mind was stuck on the fact that , the guy who kissed me and called me kitten was 'H.S' aka Harry Styles .

then i heard a knock on the door , it must be Amanda .

we both locked the door and sneaked out in the night to the club.

as soon as we entered the club , the smell of alcohol filled my nose , people grinding themselves on each other and making out , it was a total sight of disgust . Amanda was already lost in the crowd dancing like crazy , it made me laugh how easily she looses her self and have fun , unlike me who worries about everything.

then i felt as if someone was looking at me , i tried to shake it off but it was still there , i tried to search the crowed and then my eyes landed on my stalker , it was 'Him' and he was staring right at me and as soon as he spot me staring back a smirk was on his face , i quickly turned around and made my way out of the damn club , he has to be every where , i was running when i heard heavy foot steps and i took a chance to look behind and regretted it it was him ,i ran as fast as i could but me being the clumsy girl i fell and both my knees were bleeding now and as for my white tights it was all covered in blood .

" great " i had to run or else he would catch me so i made my way to my house on the way i didn't see him , must have left me .

i quickly opened my door and went inside .i messaged Amanda telling her i was not well and went home .

i got to my room and took my tights of along with my shirt , i sat on the bed and saw the blood ooze out of my fresh cuts .

i was about to get up when i heard a voice .

"you should be more careful 'kitten' now look what has happened " harry said then i saw a figure approach me and i realized that i was only in my undergarments and i took the bed sheet to cover myself up.

"please just get out and leave me alone " i tried to sound brave but he , in a second was on top of me and i could again feel his breath on my ears .

"now thats the problem ;kitten' i cant leave you , your mine " he whispered and a shiver went down my spine .

" stop calling my kitten , im not your or your kitten " i yelled i was surprised my self by my sudden outrage .

but in return i only got a smirk .

then i felt his hand on the sheet and with in a second he threw it in the far end of my room .

" please just leave me alone ' i begged but he got up and locked my door , he came back and tied my hands to the bed post . and i knew what was about to happen and my tears started to spill , i was hopeless . he got up and went to my bathroom and came back with a wet towel and a bandage , i looked at him all confused , he didn't say a word and started cleaning my cuts , as the wet towel touched my skin i yelped in pain , he noticed it and mumbled a quit " sorry " i looked at him confused . what the hell was going on , as soon as he was done with my cuts he got up and took the blanket and covered my body .he bent down , and then i felt a pair of lips on my forehead and just then he gave me one last look and freed my hands , i felt his hand on my cheek and i closed my eyes but when i opened them again he was gone .

and a note was left in my hand .

"take care , i;ll come back soon to take whats mine H,S "

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