Craving Desires ( Punk H.S )

London , a place that has turned into a very dark city.
This city is ruled by a gang , what ever goes here is in control of them .
who are they ?
they are someone you never want to mess with .
But Harry here , is the leader , he has a OCD , and he is very possessive and dominating and has anger issues .
A girl name kyle unfortunately crosses his path at the wrong time and he sets his eyes on her and has a craving desire to have her , to possess her to make her mine and only his.


1. Chapter 1

kyle ( pov )


" you ready girl " Amanda asked as we exit our school gates.

"for what exactly might i ask " i asked her with a confused look on my face. she is always up to something and by that something its never good . i have to sneak out because of her and my parents have a curfew for me thanks to that vile gang that is said to control London, though i don't believe in that shit , its not possible for a group of boys to control a city .

" there is a new club that is opening tonight and i want to go , so please please please come with me " she started to be , she was aware of the fact that i hate clubs and drinks .

"i promise you wont have to drink or dance , just come with me " she pleaded and i had to give in .

"fine but i have to go or i will be late for my job at the cafe " i said , annoyed

"yes , i love you so much meet you there at 10 " she said excitedly .

i gave her a last glance and made my way towards the small cafe down the street , it was near my home so i could easily walk there.

i approached the cafe and went inside , greeted with the fresh smell of cakes and coffee , it was such a welcoming smell , no wonder i enjoyed working here plus my manager , Mrs Haily is always to nice and caring , more then my mother .

i went and dropped my bag inside my locker and put on my apron and went towards the counter .soon a lady came and approached me .

"what would you like Ma'am " i politely asked

the lady smiled back and said " i would like a slice of chocolate muffin and some coffee dear "

i quickly started to make her order .

then i heard a bell which signaled that another customer has arrived . i turned around to take there order . standing there with a guy dressed in all black , with brown worn of boots and a leather jacket along with a v line black shirt , that fitted him perfectly .

" what would you like to have sir " i asked , keeping my eyes on the notepad.

i could feel his eyes on me and it was not a comfortable feeling .

"hmmm .... i would like to have coffee " he replied , his voice was so rough filled with dominance .

"okay , would you like anything else along with it sir " i asked politely

he took a deep breath and said " did i asked for anything else besides the coffee 'Kitten ' " i could sense the smirk plastered on his face .

"um no , ill get your your order right away sir " i replied nervously.

"you better be quick , 'kitten ' i don't like to wait " i said and made his way towards the far end of the cafe .

i didn't notice the breath i was holding in , how could a guy be so .... intimidating .

i went inside the kitchen and while making the order took a quick glance at his face , and i couldn't lie he was ... beautiful , the most interesting thing was his eyes , they were a color of green orbs , and his face , it was like a work of art , every feature was in detail , and i was so lost admiring the stranger i didn't realize that the cup was full and the hot steamy coffee was on my hand , and it burned my flesh , i quickly took my hand and put it under the water , it was starting to burn , bad , and i could feel tears forming , i was never a strong girl always very sensitive . i quickly applied some jell from the first aid kit and wiped away my tears , soon i finished their orders and went to give the lady first i returned and made my way towards the man , without giving him another look i quickly settled his order down on his table but just as i was about to turn away a set of warm fingers wrapped around my wrist being careful not to touch the burnt flesh . as i turned around i saw his focusing on the spot , i tried to snatch my hand away but his grip was strong .

" hmmm be careful 'kitten ' "was all he said and released my arm i quickly made my way towards the corner of the kitchen without giving him a reply and that's when i heard a knock on the door, he came inside , how dare he , i started to move backwards as he approached me . i couldn't handle his stare and i looked downwards , soon i could feel his hot breath on my face i closed my eyes . i felt a pair of hand on my waist and soon his breath was on my ears .

" its rude not to reply 'kitten' " he whispered . i just nodded my head .

then i could feel his hands starting to tight their grip on my waist .

" please stop " i pleaded

" always use your words 'kitten' i'll see you soon " he said and that's when i felt a pair of soft lips lightly being pressed against mine , i tried to push him away but failed and then with one last peck he was gone . i stood there motionless trying to figure out what the hell just happened . i opened my hand a saw a piece of paper in my hand , i opened it and read it .

"take care kitten , H.S "

who is H.S .


so i hope you enjoyed the chapter please vote and comment and let me know what you think about it , i would really appreciate that. and just a small warning , after a few chapters there will be some smut so if you guys are not comfortable with this kind of content then don't leave rude comments .



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