But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now


5. v

"What am I supposed to do now? Change up my whole entire routine?" I ask. I was fired from my job because I apparently was too distracted to work. Liam heavily sighs, not knowing what to say. I wouldn't either.

"Let's just wait. Tomorrow is a whole other day. One day at a time" he smiles and holds my arm.

I nod slowly and try not to cry, "Okay" my voices cracks.

"Come here" he pulls me into another one of his great big hugs. He holds his hand on the back of my head and rests my head on his chest.

"I'm going to be more poor than I was before" I choke up, almost crying. "No, you won't" he grips my shoulders, "I'll make sure you don't. Maybe Harry isn't thinking straight anyways, but you need to learn to depend on your abilities, not on his. You're a strong girl"

I'm not a strong girl. I'm a stupid girl. I need to find out what I was doing wrong that Harry didn't like. I can't lose him too.


Harry is stupid for letting her go. He will regret it. I know he will. Maybe he wasn't thinking straight. There could be something going on with him. I mean, he did ask me to break up with her for him. And I really hate doing that. He's weak. And he's being pathetic.


Liam leaves and I decide to get myself together and talk to Harry. "I'll be back soon Chanel" I pet her head and grab my coat. I lock the door and head outside. I shiver at the cold weather. I tug at my ripped coat that doesn't give off much warmth.

Here's his mansion. I timidly walk up his front porch and to the door. I hesitate to knock. I stand there thinking for a moment: "What if I make this whole thing worse? What if just being here makes it worse? Maybe he needs some time away from me, and being here wouldn't help that predicament." I shake the thoughts away and softly knock. 

The tall wooden door quickly swing open and I see Louis.

"Hi Louis" I awkwardly wave. "Hey Olivia. What brings you here?" He asks sweetly. He's not asking like he knows about Harry and I. I'm usually at work this time of day. That's probably why he's asking.

"I just need to speak with Harry" I sigh. "Come inside" his tone suddenly shifts to a more serious kind. "Oh okay" I slowly step into the large foyer. "Take a seat on the couch. I'll get you a blanket" he rushes to the washroom. I slide onto the cushion and place my hands on my knees, looking around, acting as if I have never been here and I'm just a new guest. "Here you go" he wraps a red blanket around my shoulders. "Thank you" I fake smile, "So, is something wrong?"

"I guess. I don't know. Liam told me about you and Harry. To be honest, I would've expected Harry to tell me first. Or second after you. Or at least ask me to tell you. He barely sees Liam anyways. Plus, you and I are a little closer, so you know.." he trails off. "I understand. Liam told me I should ask Harry if there is any specific reason he broke it off with me" I state. I slide off my old, tattered converse and pull my legs to my chest and hold the red blanket tight to my body.

"Maybe another relationship. I'm not sure. He's been quite a mystery lately" he sighs. "Great. What disappointing news" I huff. "Come on" he stands up. "Where?" I stand up and follow his steps across the house and to the kitchen door that leads to the garage. I hold the blanket around me while still shivering. "We're just going to take a drive in my truck" he states opening the door. Harry leaves an empty space for Louis to park his truck. "Okay"

I climb into the oldish truck and shut the door. "Your seatbelt is broken" I hold up the buckle piece. He laughs while climbing in, "Most people ignore that, but if you're so worried, sit in the middle seat next to me" he pats the open space while using his other hand to buckle in. "Alright" I slide in next to him and adjust the blanket on my shoulders before hearing the click of a successful working seatbelt. We pull out of the garage slowly. We exit the driveway and he slowly begins to turn the knob to the radio. "We know full, well there's just time" I hear Birdy's 'Not About Angels.' "So is it wrong to dance this line? If your heart was full of love, could you give it up?" The meaning of this song is strong. Tears build up at the walls of my eyes. "Cause what about, what about angels? They will come, they will go make us special oh, oh" I'm about to lose it. "Don't give me up. Don't give me up"  I lose it. I start crying hysterically. I feel Louis's hand touch my back and slide to the side of my arm. He pulls me in close and I just lay my head on his shoulder and sob while he drives further and further away from the pain.

"Louis" I say quietly. "Yes?" He focuses on the road, but sends me small glances. "What's wrong with me?" I ask. "Everything. You're way too sweet. You're way too beautiful. You're way too funny. You're way too strong. You bottle it all up. That's what's wrong with you. You are sweet, but you like to hide it with a gloomy face. You are beautiful, but you cover it with saying you're ugly. You are funny, but you pretend to be shy and quiet. You are strong, but you never just let it go. Instead of pretending everything's okay, and saying 'I'm okay' when someone asks, it's okay to say you aren't. It shows that not everyone is always happy. Sometimes the perfect person breaks down too. But that's what also makes them more perfect" he half laughs.

"You're calling me perfect?" I look up at him. "I'm only stating the obvious" he shrugs like its no big deal, "but you're a big deal" "Harry never told me stuff like that" I look at the dashboard. "Harry.. never loved you then. It's always important to tell a girl how indescribably incredible she is. He's a jerk" "Do you love me?" I ask. He inhales deeply and stares at the road. I feel stupid for asking that. He finally exhales, "I do love you, Olivia. I can see the light in your eyes and it idolizes me" I smile big.

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