But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now


4. iv

"I promised I'd let him tell you" Liam tries to comfort my emotional self. I'm pacing back and forth making sounds of agony, clenching my sides out of shock, and falling to my knees in pain.

"Please" he tries to grasp onto me but I keep pushing him away. I begin to crawl away from him to my living room but he starts following me. 

"Liam I can't- I can't-" I cry and try to hide my ugly, red face. He kneels down and holds my face in his hands.

"Please, Sunshine..." I glance up and see his sad eyes. Full of tears. They haven't broken through, but they're about to again...because of me.

"I can't be your Sunshine" I say quietly, "I'm too sad"

"It doesn't mean you will change that beautiful, cheery, bubbly smile and personality" he soon sits on the floor with me and holds me.

"Thank you..." I grasp onto his arm and let tears quietly fall as my body gives out from the stress and I'm soon asleep.


I don't actually know why Harry left her. I begged him to tell me, but promised I'd let him tell her first, then me. But she doesn't deserve any of this. She's had such a hard life. I mean for heaven sake she's poor and he didn't offer to spare her one of his extra rooms and it pisses me off. She lives in this cold apartment with no heat and pays for a cat and its food. Pays for the cat HE bought her.

"Sunshine" I shake her gently. Her long eyelashes bat until her eyes are fully open. She looks up at me.

"I'm sorry...how long have I been asleep?" She asks.

I smile a little, "Two hours"

"Oh man...I'm so sorry" she sits up. I stand up and grab her small hands to pull her to her feet.

"No need to be sorry. I didn't mind"

"Thank you, Liam" she smiles brightly.


"There's that smile that I knew was still inside of you" I smile as he pokes my stomach.

"Stop that" I giggle, admiring his kind ways and gestures. Seeing him laugh definitely relieves me since I made him cry.

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