Journal On The Bus

Its basically funny. Only if you understand ;) And also Ima add a new youtube video every week! :)))


3. 10-28-15

So it was a wensday, and it was this week (current week im typing this sooo..)  and it was a half day.........



On this half day i started my >>>...<<< and i didnt even know   (those lines is for u know what, its a girl thing, if you dont know what im talking about then your viewers discression is advised!  BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP  GET OUT!)

so let me tell you how it all started...

I woke up and i got dressed for school and then i went to the bathroom, and of course i didnt see anything in my underwear besides my underwear... xD


and then i was on my way to the bustop (i was walking slow one... jk i walked slow to the bus stop dont feel bad)  and while i was walking i felt like i had something in my underwear... and me being my dumbass self, i was already half way to my stop... but my dumbass again decided why not just walk back to my house and change my underwear and also put on a pad.

So i did that and then i was on my way to the bus stop again.... but this time i was running!  (ha ha im faster then your grandmas old ass wifi connection)

Now i was also a dumbass for running even though i had to because once i stopped running.. (I REGREtED THAT SHIT AND I FELF LIKE I WAS GONNA BURN IN HELL WITH A CUTE ASS LLAMA!)  

so when i stopped running, thats about time my bus came, and when i sat down in my seat, i started sweating to death   (like no joke ive never sweated THAT MUCH in my WHOLE LIFE!)             and also during my sweating rage, i couldnt breathe like my lungs were closing   (im turning into a fucking melting icecream cone what the hell?!?!?!?)   So you know i thought it would be all good and shit  (i was lying too myself too... thanks alot you ugly ass whore >>>...<<<   ***you better know what that is by now)    

Finally my bestfriend Sherly got on the bus and she sat down beside me....  i told her with exact words  ¨ I need to go home now!!¨  and i was all sweaty and shii.. she said ¨ whats going on¨"   (when she said that it made me feel like i was in a movie where i was about to die *** and i sorta was  xD)  ¨and i told her i felt very sick and i had cramps, i was sweating, and i couldnt breathe , avoiding telling her i was on my period...  But like all bestfriends, she allready knew!  she asked me if i was on my ¨monthly timing¨  and i was like  ¨yeah...................¨  ¨I NEED A DOCTORRRRRR¨  


So when we got to school she took me to the clinic and everything was good!

(not really, it didnt end just like that...)

I ended up going t the clinic and she said i needed a pass from my teacher, so i went to my classroom, waited for her snuffalufugus seseme street face ass (if you dont know what im talking about, look it up, your gonna die!!!!)  and then she never gave it to me so i ened up just going back to the clinic without a pass and the clinic lady called my teacher and asked if it was okay..  (bitch but am i okay? uhm no, so u need hang up the god damn phone and help me,.,,,)  so she dicided ohh okay well ur friend has to leave.. so she did....... and then i waited in there for like 20 minutes just laying down so i wouldnt collapse on the fucking floor, and then my uncle finally showed up and took me the hell home!!!!!!  my princaple told me that i was techniqally gonna miss a whole day of school because it wasnt even 30 minutes into class yet, but i was like       I DONT GIVE A Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck  BYE! and i walked the fuck out the god damn door without hesitation or looking back.... i made it home, and i went to sleep for the rest of the day.. (jk i woke up to eat dinner) then i went back to sleep...





video of the day i reccomend!!!




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