Soundwave's Pain

This is a short excerpt from a roleplay I did long ago, some of it will be updated to match my current style of writing. But please remember, this is /old writing/!!!


1. The Beginning as Well as the End

The mech pushed himself up onto his forearms, his spark crying out painfully as if he had been impaled with the most jagged red hot blade of death. Of course, it was all in his processor, but the loss of Laserbeak was literally like losing a part of him. The symbiote had died in the death ray of a robotic Godzilla, and his facemask and chassis had been nearly destroyed in the process, revealing jagged glimpses of the faceplate hidden below. Shifting, he stared at the corpse of the creature. What was the price that he had to pay to save this human city?

Several humans gathered around him, all of them military. Soundwave angled his helm so that no one could see his faceplates, and spit, a glob of Energon splatting on the ground. "D-do it." He said, his voice staticky, but only had a hint of the monotone that usually covered any hint of emotion. One human looked at the fallen mech before injecting him with their specialized nanobots. The former gladiator was used to nanobots, his race had perfected them so much to the point that when a Cybertronian died, the pigment nanobots responsible for every bot's paintjob faded to a dull grey at the loss of a power source.

The mech's vent systems heaved repeatedly, and he hid his faceplate as his tanks were purged. The alien materials splattered on the ground and sent humans running. Partially processed Energon was just as dangerous to them as it's natural counterpart. Droplets splattered against his chassis, mixing with the rest of the fluids dripping from his broken cables and dented armor. Soundwave slowly wiped his mouth, purple optics darting about before glancing down to notice some of his spark chamber had been stripped away, revealing the glowing orb that was his life source. It cast a beautiful blue glow on the growing puddle of Energon and fluids, and he shuddered slightly, his engine grinding.

Laserbeak had been his last symbiote. He felt so empty, so alone. The bond that Soundwave had so desperately clung to was gone forever. He resisted the urge to break down, and instead focused on his self-healing systems. The Decepticon felt extremely exposed with his faceplate and spark out in plain sight, a term the humans described as 'naked'. The Cybertronian turned and stared blankly at all of the onlookers, his optics shining brightly above the drying Energon streaked across his faceplate. With a soft pop and then a hiss, the battered mech slumped to the ground. Darkness flooded Soundwave's vision, his optics flickering off and then slowly closing.

Then, there was nothing.

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