"give me one reason."
"um, im pregnant."

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1. welcome//chapter one

so um, hi. i'm not exactly the best at writing but I thought I'd give this a go?

Rated R: mature content, sexual references and swearing


"Look, it's simple, Thea."

"No it's not! It's been so difficult recently and-"

"I can't be with you anymore.

"Why, Jamie. What has happened in the past day that changed everything?"

"It's not just yesterday. That was a mistake. Look, Thea, your heads not in the right place at the moment and. And I just need space."

"Don't go. I swear, walk out that door and we're done for good."

"Why not? Why should I have to put up with your shit anymore?"

"Alex, it's not-"

"Give me a reason."

I scanned the room for reasons, just something to hold onto.

"Um, I'm pregnant." Well, fuck.

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