"give me one reason."
"um, im pregnant."

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2. feedback//chapter two

so um, im not 100% sure how that went but, id love some comments and feedback.

Chapter One


"I'm pregnant, Alex."

"but we use protection. t-the condom-" "condoms only work like, 95% of the time."

"well then they should put that on the packet."he grumbles snatching for his wallet pulling out a condom packet. I watch as his confused grin fell to a frown. "FUCK!"

"I'm, uh, just gonna go lie down or something?" After a swift excuse, I fumble for my phone and unlock the screen viciously tapping for Louise's number.

"Lou. I've done something stupid."

"Just tell me you're not taking drugs."

"What?! No!"

"What's up, chick?"

"I told Alex I'm pregnant."

"Oh shit. Are you sure? Do you want me to grab you a test?"

"I'm not actually pregnant, dipshit."

"Then why on fuck did you tell him you were?"

"He was going to leave me. And I panicked."

"You have to tell him, Thea."

"But he'll leave me for good."

"Then go along with it for a bit and then, whoops, false alarm."

"Louise, this isn't a game."

"Do you want to keep him or not."

"Fine, what do you suggest."

"I suggest you meet me at mine in 5 minutes."

"Yeah okay, whatever, bye."

"Okay see you later."

After hanging up, I spin around on my feet to gather my purse, makeup, mirror, tissues and phone all in my handbag.

"Um, Thea?"Alex calls.

"Y-yeah?"I stutter reaching for my bag and stand up to meet him in the doorway.

"When did this happen?"

"I don't know-"

"You must know."

"About a few weeks ago. I'm not-"

"How could you not tell me the second you found out? See what I mean by being stupid and careless.

"Alex, I only-"

"What? You only didn't tell me because you want to protect me. Because you thought I'd be mad? Too late for that! I'm fucking fuming."

"Don't be like that, Alex."I cry letting my salty tears drop to my feet. He reaches out for my cheek and wipes the tears away.

"Don't bloody cry! It's probably stressing the shit out of the baby."

"I didn't mean-"

"I just need a few minutes to calm-"

"I gotta go and see Lou."I excuse myself and leave Alex mid shout.


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