"give me one reason."
"um, im pregnant."

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3. chapter three

Note: I'm not even sure where this book is going or what I'm doing...Need major help!! 


Louise! We can't just steal a strap on baby bump from a mannequin!"

"Well then, what else do you suggest?"Louise frowns at me looking from my what-the-fuck expression to the 5'9 mannequin posed beside us.

"T, we've already bought maternity clothes and kids stuff for a baby that's not even real. What's one more crazy stunt?"

"You're mad." I roll my eyes and run a hand through my hair before figuring out how to take it without the shopping assistant from seeing our crime.

"Louise, go and distract the lady over there."


"Just stall her until I take the baby bump and then we go."


She smirks before dropping our bags from KidsRUs and the maternity ward of TopShop.

"Hi, excuse me. Do you happen to know where the ladies section is?"

"You're in the ladies section ma'am."

I clutch my purse in one hand and push my hair out of my face before bending over the mannequin and attempting to detach the strap on baby bump from the plastic figure.

"No, sorry. I mean could you direct me to the....uh, the ladies room."

"Just head upstairs and it's right in front of you. You can't miss it."

Fumbling about for what seemed to be forever, I clasped the bump, only to stumble and trip, dropping the bump down behind the mannequin.


"Can I just say-"

I dig my hand down the back of the mannequin and stretch my fingers to grab the silk bump.

"-your necklace is just the sweetest little thing."

Finally snatching it from the floor, I think fast and stuff it down my top, picking up our bags and catching Louise's eye.

"Thank you! It was a present from my gra-"

I speed past Louise pulling her with me, out of the shop.

"Nice meeting yo- Got it?"

I nodded absentmindedly, yawning.
"Now what?"

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